Face recognition

I can mentor others, but not see themselves.I can give others strength, courage gave not their due.So sad, desolate and more.  - Inscription under intermittent rain outside the window for a long time, did not mean to stop.Standing at the window, I saw the way people in a hurry, everyone is juggling, in fact, everyone worked very hard to make a living and live in their own way, including the use they do not like mode.But the result is the same, let themselves and their families live better.He looked away and looked down at the still drop a few degrees the temperature of the weather wearing a skirt myself, knowing feet freezing cold, but too lazy to put on an overcoat.    Recently been thinking about life, you saddest thing in the world do not know what they want, what you want is.Even by his own dream of one thousand heart of every possible interpretation of vigorous imagination, even the way until the eyes of the United States.However, their stalled and that what is the use?With my English teacher’s words, difficulty thinking too much can be paid too much action is supposed tightly strangled in the cradle.    Yes ah, how many people have that kind of courage, how many people are shining heart to be alive?How many people now choose their favorite way of life is not, and even disgust, but chose to behave, layer of the same.Before the fear of the wolf, scared the tiger, however, he had been held in his own painting of the circle.    Like to travel, too many people think to walk about it, go and see a strange way the scenery, the warm sun, to read most really own.But in the end it?How many people carries the package began?There are also a handful.I admire people like that, no matter how, they live than to be saying is money, time, work, family, chores to be bound by our wonderful.I have a lot of ideas, but do not dare to peel them one by one, to see the most is really what is hidden in the inner layer.I have the courage, too timid.Like hair, like, want to cut a neat short hair, but its growth rate is too slow, start to finish not made the determination.    Recognized by others is your ability, to be found your strength is your lucky.I certainly others to face, I had grateful, grateful for the warmth comes inside.Even so, I still doubt myself, I even asked the little man, when his own self-doubt is not meant to have failed?I know, I have been limit themselves to a fixed height.In fact, after all, is the result of fear or do not believe in yourself, I can not know.    I can mentor others, but not see themselves.I can give others strength, courage gave not their due.So sad, desolate and more.    I think, too stubborn, too rigid people, their lives will not be mediocre?     Remember in 2014.09.29./ Text: Habitat Li / QQ: 877382107