Drunk song

This time I was really drunk, I was lying loose on the clouds that touch of light.Do not touch me, do not disturb me awake drunk intoxicated!Sky after the rain is so graceful.In the spring, the spring fills the air in southern empty, Am I lay there on gossamer cloud of light?I have that touch into a gossamer cloud of light, spread the exciting moment, Ma Ma Tei limp in the endless clear blue sky, wind or no wind, blowing not move my body where I have lose all that weight body weight loss I was drunk intoxicated.Living in harmony with the spring air is my intoxicated bed, do not disturb woke up my intoxicated with paralysis, let me again and again spread, spread to outer space outside of the day, that one of the unknown spring air in outer space, the pillow moon tenderness.    Pillow moon gentle, I like immature seed of life, such as floating in the uterus of the sea, floating in my life Emmanuel.Unlimited soaring my tentacles, still floating in the light of such ephemera, the vast sea of the total is less than the soil of my life, to the life of the implant root causes.Do not come to touch me, do not disturb me find tentacles, let me soft tentacles according to the waves of ups and downs, to lapping the shore beach.Tentacles again and again penetrate the soft sand beach, every grain of sand to make me burst into spring flowers, such as spray on my life brilliant tide.    Do not come to touch me, I’m not drunk of the.Even if you like a dream lips Wushan goddess, I can not catch my breath Ruoyouruowu.Who says no trace is the illusion of memory, my every cell, such as hops aroma exudes fascinated by Fang.Do not come to touch me, do not come to touch me, let me in the vast emptiness pinching nirvana, into absolute silence!I heard birds Spring Hill empty-ming, is it I attract you into the eternal Perishable?That angered the stream charming voice sings pharynx – I quiescence, and quiescence in this charming sings in the pharynx.    I was really drunk, gossamer-like atmosphere where I smell the fragrance of opium, hemp soft dumb I fall in quiet dens of death.Do not come to touch me, do not come to touch me!You do not know how happy death, let me do a free water plants floating in clear waves, floating like a death in the moment of bliss.I was really drunk, drunk on the edge of life and death, raw wind, the wind died, the wind blowing up my intoxicated with paralysis.    This time I was really drunk, intoxicated with the paralysis, the dead and the living, the gossamer-like feel, silence my flesh, pulled out my spirit – between the silence and pulled out, I sing my drunk song.