Do not regret dream depart, and hate too hastily

Like ink smudges of white paper, do not reveal a trace of the gap, you can extract repressed tears.There is no agitation of the molecules of the air, music on hold, never opened, that familiar melody why still linger ears, are haunting in a dream.Like a bottomless abyss, devouring the soul, inch by inch.My refuge, after all, is rooted in the text, it is not flowering fruit, year after year, secretly not see the light.That’s not the heart, stone, still will be moved to the tiny, tear it down, can still happy laugh, but how can not let go of all, no turning back.    I was still that, but not that I do not like their own powerlessness, but stubbornly terrible.Because there are so affecting, see the future, there is no strong heart, leaving the point to get involved, they know very well all the consequences.Heart is so small, why can hold so many things, will not be tired.So far the road, along the way does not have to convince yourself, how to go.I think I have many, many, anyone who can give me, moved, tolerant, pay.But I forgot that one day I will cry.    The night is lonely but also the most broad, it is willing to accommodate everyone no branches to follow the mood.However, there are also always just temporarily sent at daybreak, still want to take the burden of the road, the next night, in order to pour hollow.Do not want contaminated sad, if you can, I would rather never know just pay, they would pay to make a fool is also very good.Accustomed to making excuses for everyone, so all the damage can be forgiven.But also I forget, I just personally, only two shoulders, one day will collapse under.    Do not like too much commitment, and planning for the future, I will only say, do not say too much, so you do a later date too late.I rarely satisfied with myself, do not know from what time to start on their own so harsh, maybe just do not want to disappoint others, even if they have dedicated, or have regrets.    Once I said, do not regret it, either by deleting all know people a year, or pull off his read like, I will never regret.Everything I do this because in that moment, he wanted me well in the past and possible future.So until then, no matter how many deja vu, I will write about writing, comfort themselves, they imagine a city in love with someone, only occasionally I will think I have a little regret, gently turn smile, clenched the man’s hand.We grew up, also came to understand, once lost, is not to make you sad and remorse, but to teach the people you cherish later.    Much later, only to find, and we all just rush the passer, leaving the understatement of the sum in someone else’s life, only one person, that will be indelible mark.Maybe you have your loneliness, he had his solitude, so-called heart to heart, but a misunderstanding.    Do not regret dream depart, and hate too hastily.Taking advantage of time still, I still love you took advantage, taking advantage of the beauty of our youth just right, and I ran with it, not that day, cherish every moment, in a dream, all the way you smile.Old and I go, I do not take advantage of the panic will come of age, I laughed and cried because fought, that wrinkles are certainly very pretty.    Literature lovers exchange group: 92,778,596 micro-channel public number: Yuan Xie Ying language