Daydream under the stars

Daydream under the stars of that year, that year, turned around, it becomes those years…..    Sky, such as washing, spread out like a giant system, night roll stretch, shaking is not owned by one of the memories.Once, in a world where light and shadow, under the grape arbor grandmother, but my fascination derived.    That year, I was a naive little girl.But my heart did not stop at the years of growth rings, while reluctant to follow stranded, and my thoughts.    Think of the earliest songs: the distant night sky, has a curved moon.It is heard from the mouth of the most beautiful melodies Mother.Moment, I became happy that Gillian.Indeed, when I was happy.Pet parents, grandmother of affection, cute toy, the magic of the legend, cool vintage, still, there is the secret of the stars.They seem to be telling me: you are the darling of the world!    Mom said that a star is a dream.I was eager to step into that world of dreams, to enjoy the beginning of the heart to tell their own.But one day, I clearly see the stars fall from the sky in an instant, it turned out to be a dream when there are falling.Since then, my happy heart, would virtually increase a hint of sadness.    That year, I take up a small bag, away from the vine grandmother.However, I am still obsessed with that blue sky.In the old mill textbooks, I got into that ‘curved boat. “.In Guo’s verse, and I cowherd with a stroll around the “sky market”.That is, in that year, I really have a star of their own.Since then, I carefully put it in the backpack of my life, I have never been put down.Fear of the day, it suddenly fell from the sky, take away, not only will my tears.    Dongfeng do not come, do not fly catkins in March.Xiahe winter snows and reincarnation, and I do not mind shift.    That year, I suddenly found a bag with my head high as long as the.At the same time grow taller, as well as the head of the stars.I thought, the higher their own, the stars will grow shorter.However, as the years went by, more and more broad sky, and it’s also increasingly deep mystery.I can only stare won, but kept silent.As parents face, only to find love, but it is difficult to start lips and teeth.But, when I look at this piece of night picture again, it is no longer ever be as beautiful.There, not only the stars, the moon, the legend.There will be clouds, wind and lightning.    So, you will understand, why did have stars fall; why there is loneliness, “the film into three” of; Why Yang for long days of “hope”.Not for anything else, just because the stars stretched my back, my heart growing years.    Now, still in the sky, with several years back.Gillian childhood gradually been like butterflies fly away, the grandmother of the vine can only be forever fixed in the memory, and my star is still in my backpack, because, in my heart, forever blue sky for it.    That year, that year, turned around, it becomes those years.