Cork Plateau

Bring a happy mood on the road, to the home of nature, quietly emotional heart comfortable, quiet feel special style.There is a natural scenic view of the purpose of all men have a variety of views, both who is also the North Wind, who is also south of the show, not only the reproduction of Jiuzhaigou in Sichuan, and Yunnan Shangri-La remake, it is well-known town of Qinling corner – Cork Plateau.    (A) Spring gorgeous early spring, some of the vegetation Cork plateau of some coveted winter love song, who refused to take off the lightly armed and put on colorful in green, even dismay, with the pace of time the peak enters the spring, those vegetation scrambling to put on gorgeous in green, he tells of the arrival of spring to humans.    You see, spring flowers everywhere Cork plateau, fragrance overflowing, as the poem “Early Spring” the Wing: 春眠不觉晓, Everywhere Birds Are Singing.See here, I heard these tunes, I think this is the picture that best represents the vitality of the.    From dawn to ending, the concept cork plateau spring, and embrace everything in my eye.Dawn, little house warm, it is outside the cold fried fried cold, require wearing a winter coat or jacket thick winter coat close, this time with the sun gradually climb the hill track timepiece, when the first line of the sun, it the earth was scattered rays, you can see changes in the last red and brown to yellow sun, when it is already noon, and on behalf of humanity farthest from the sun.    However, at this time of exceptional beauty Cork Highland.You see, that several overlapping peaks of mountains, rolling, side Xiangyang a face overcast, as if the battle site; you see, that lush forests, lush busy, friendly handshake; you see, that mix of rocks, shapes, who seemed to struggle even more amazing; you see, that crystal clear water, because the stone has become more wonderful foil.Listen to some soothing light music, walking on the paved road, watching the cork plateau thriving collar mountains, a group of pines and cypresses exceptionally bright, beautiful mountains covered world, rocks everywhere Yan Qun.This is my heart Cork plateau, of course, vary depending convert sunlight angle, maybe you have a different view of the same style taste.    Drum is, you can faintly hear the distant temple bell, then stood hilltops, looking ahead not only have a sense list all small mountain, will also see the clouds around the mountain line, the wave further away, like a mystery.    (B) In addition to Hebei Summer Summer Mountain Resort, Cork Plateau is one good place for summer, summer landscape here, the United States alone, cool Yam.    In the morning, I opened the window, looking ahead the distance with one fresh feeling, and then add a thicker coat slowly climb to the top of the mountain along the path.Standing on the mountain top to see the valley, around the clouds around the mountain sitting on them, as if this is the Queen Mother of the Jade Pool in Wonderland, reach out and touch the clouds, but also how not touch, these clouds are always restless, constantly in the air change his swing dance, dance like that curl of smoke rising.Slowly, the time to ten o’clock, the smoke gradually dispersed in the sun of persecution, I saw the valley, I can not see because of the high mountain spring ding-dong sound.    So, I return to the valley along the path, standing in the valley, you can hear water gurgling, you can see an occasional buzz of spring water from the mountains to stay, I was sitting by the river watching this river, the river due to environmental different views different.In some mountains you can see waterfalls, massive, like waterfalls three thousand feet, ripple feel like flying all those splash, like, very beautiful, and those of ordinary water sometimes resounded sometimes quiet, sometimes fast and sometimes slow, sometimes normal and sometimes transform, because the river stones vary, due to water and charming stone.Skim corner of the river, rotating in the sun, you can see colorful waterlines.    Noon Cork plateau temperatures moderate, those sitting inside the old house, without air conditioning, do not open fan, do not shake fans, a group of people get together to play cards, a little nap, until a few hours later, they began to watch Cork plateau of beauty, is another round of charm.    You can say it is not beautiful plateau Cork?You can say it is not a good place to do summer?It is gorgeous, the temperatures moderate, really paradise on earth, has a reputation Mountain Resort!    (C) the autumn of the year ornamental style cork plateau, is my most favorite autumn treats Highland, Highland Cork since autumn reverie.    Pines and cypresses, evergreen, it is not afraid of coerced confessions autumn, it is still the one in green; at the urging of autumn maple leaves, slowly and then to red color change from green to brown; other vegetation in autumn under supervision, they have put on the yellow dress.Therefore, the inclusion of several colors in this season, it can only belong to autumn, and autumn can only gives a different feeling.    That paved road lined with trees, gradually changing, make a mountain ranges began to fall into silence, at the foot dish captures a yellow leaves, vegetables captures a maple leaf, let me bittersweet, sad is that some trees have leaves on this end his own life, is blessed with Maple Leaf has not completely turned red, it makes me think a lot about the life of Maple Leaf.    Joys and sorrows, alternating seasons, already doomed, so I do not sad.I saw a small farm house corn wall hanging, I’m so excited, because this is the fruit of hard work farmers, one by one to see them playing with those corn, his face is always showing faint smile, I know they for their harvest and happy, and I was happy for them.    (D) Winter Sonata Rome was not built in a day, but a heavy snow in Cork plateau, you can reach Rome was not built in effects.    You see, after a winter of heavy snow goose feather, Cork is full of white-capped plateau, on those branches, the leaves are not dying.It is a string of glaciers everywhere, looks like ice cream, like a sword blade, like a stick, shapes and sizes.Look river above the junction layers of frost, some thin some thick, hidden in quiet water below the frost, moving, so-called stones, some bare, exposed, in some deep water below, hold your breath.Those statues next to the mountains are covered with a thick layer of frost, I do not see their true colors, but look rather like the shadow of a snowman from a distance.    Cork seasons four seasons of Highland culture and customs, different seasons King, are very Hunmeng pull around, away, is the kind most picturesque fluttering feeling that I still could not forget.Cork plateau list, so I really experience the: North and south wind integration of the show.Cork Plateau is indeed the Qinling Mountains in Shangri-La!