Calm Kiyomi, independent of enchanting

See also the rain falls, Sahua like fluttering, like rain vent ink flowery, bustling little depicted in the windowsill, flying the graceful, enchanting move them, now flying, drifting, wandering into the mud, no trace.Rain, delicate leaves, drops child slowly slipped down the tip, drop two drops.Shining brilliantly, gently falling, ticking like a very gentle Qing Yun music, listening to the mood clarified pleasure cells in the heart around the corner, happy face bathed.Rain hurt the soil, even if the earth does not say, I am also not bear to look, for fear you too sore afraid you’re too hurt.Rain broken heart like a girl, mercilessly beat the soil, any rain on the land Happy willful, wanton Sapo, erratic soaked soil, it also came through trace.Sometimes I want to ask; it bitter?Why so willing to bear?Why has quiet?Soaked body earth silent, is this called tolerance?Faced with this inclusion, heart attack from the warmth, understand love, understand indifferent.    Like flowers, they raise some simple ordinary flowers, to quietly savor the balcony, a pot a pot of flowers thrive.Most like to see spider plants, this is a dying spider plants picked from the roadside, planting at home, I did not think it miraculously survived.Strong and unyielding admiration of life, it is also particularly care, more concerned.Eyes to see another flower, heart rejoice.Water culture flowers, brown leaf, a sheet are caused by falls between vitality.I prefer to look at its roots, white roots, born Cucu.what!There are a small roots grow, heart joy, surprise impressed.I seem to feel the birth of life, life experience growth.I remember saying; hear the voice of flowers, flowers raised their own for many years to see if they spring flowers, autumn decline, gradually began to feel the voice of flowers.Spring one hundred Huaman Yuan, colorful, contests, and sometimes no opinion to see a bunch of purple flowers open in the corner, it is not proud not to feel inferior, open and free, pleasant fragrance, who saw this flower will hear the voice of flowers, earthly experience in a Fangning Jing, feel the hustle and bustle of a fragrance.    Sometimes a person walking in the woods Road.Narrow path take no less than two people, while the cool breeze, blowing through the tired body, it refreshed the windward autumn leaf fall, how much I could not bear it off the mud to dust, hurried to catch by hand, then live one two three.There are many miserable piece of the earth fell on the grass.I do not Daiyuzanghua state of mind, but they look Fallen, heart resist hurt, come with a convenient bag, picked up every one of them, all of them paved, picking up leaves, isolated experience, pick up full after a bag to put them under the tree with at.Leaves, I know you affection for trees, you know Song of wanting to be apart, but unfortunately Laicui autumn leaves were gone, this is your destiny, even though all the answers could not bear the worth of nostalgia, escape the fate of the arrangement, you can rest here it!You return to their roots right under the tree!Go to a small river sit down, look at the river gradually yellow grass, the wind, swaying dance, did not scared autumn cold, not only to the security of, admire!Angtou autumn look look look on from afar, autumn sky like the sea like navy blue, clouds had free play, exceedingly comfortable!    Crescent like a hook, beans lamp Hunming, shallow moon window.Tea, pour hot water, tea and watching graceful dance in clouds of mist, perfectly clear water, tea dance, intersection compatibility, really fragrant tea dance in the water, the water smelling tea and enjoy the fragrant tea product again and again once.Tea in tasteless, to know the length of life.Reading a cup of books, good sentences and paragraphs fine chemicals Good text word by word, like “walking through the flowers in the corridor” to see the flowers of freedom, to know the mind Chang Fei, Wu learned wisdom, knowledge of truth, perception of life, a story of an article , a story for a voice, read the article is read author touching voice, sometimes read a brief essay will be moved to tears, this book has an “original love so open-minded,” the text says; there is a friend in a car accident, the front all hit bad, after more than 80 mothers know what to say; lucky, thanks to open that old car, or big losses.The son said; wrong, I opened the car is.Mother smile; lucky if you drive old cars out, I’m afraid die early, his son said impatiently; how about all of you?How can mothers experience why sons are all about?As long as the son of a life saved, of course, are all about, affection wide as the sea, greater maternal love.    Shallow time, years of quiet good.Picturesque view of the rain fly, even enjoy the beauty of autumn leaves.Jing Qing beauty products.In the water seemingly gone with the wind, calm unharmed, send a smile.Faded memories, clear body and mind.Time for some deep cut affixed to the heart, the pulse in dense into a lonely soul, jealously guarding lonely, lonely alone product and enjoy the lonely, lonely heart out of a blossoming poppies, open the enchanting, let it downtown.