Beijing travel

Wife and son as well as the end of April to Beijing to buy a car, take the subway for a long time came to my lovely heart of the capital – at the Tiananmen Gate, looking at the rising national flag, village serious head, listening to the national anthem high, surging heart excitement , heart respect, the heart can not be calm.To Beijing several times, but the first time to Tiananmen Square, around the square stands the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall, the Great Hall, Museum, Tiananmen Gate, the People’s Heroes Monument Square stood tall and Central Sun Yat-sen’s photos, behind the milky sculpture is a Japanese warrior figures of men, my heart filled with emotion, with the blood of countless martyrs in exchange for a new China, and I love the tune of photos soldiers leave forever memory.Opposite stands overlooking the red flag high in the sky, the mood is not expressed in words and writing, I feel heart rate speed up, wife and children as well as each took a few pictures.Completely different on TV and see for mood.    A lot of people, a sea of people in the city downstairs, people say: No matter how early you come, they will be groups of people standing under Chairman Mao’s Tiananmen Gate overlooking hosting the Games, to pay tribute to a great man of great charm, from scratch to create a new Chinese spirit, the great create brilliant pioneer history.    More and more people, but also to catch up with the festival, looking at the long wall of the Forbidden City, the heart can not describe in words very, very warm, very cordial, eyes stroking purple walls, a kind of warm feeling in my heart.Too many people, went in to get out, not to mention camera pictures, no space, people next to people, tall palace buildings, magnificent, people look awe, as if to see the year Zhuang Fei bowl about to go come, my dream is to do Yongfu Palace?I seem to be dreaming.Because of the time, we had to go somewhere else, who is also too much, hear voices, my wife and son and moved the car and go after that dream, dream about the soul of the ancient palace.I heard that in Wangfujing in.He rushed to the Wangfujing Street, looking for the legendary ancient palace.    Headlong into the bustling Wangfujing snack street, it is easy to find the old well, but it has been out of traditional wells, wellhead is usually covered, with the exception today, is the festival opened, looking at the pale green heart of well water kept warm, have hand touch it near edge of the well and rumbling, seen around the snack Furui coexist, it is not alone.My wife and I never left the memory of a beat.Furui like to be treated as protected cultural relics, mottled with antique wooden wheels and snack street style complement each other.I heard the Wangfujing pedestrian street there is a copper cap wells, has become a tourist landscape, but some say it was just the covers it, we did not find, go tired feet.    The original name of the Royal Palace ancient legend well, and some people say that the feelings of the palace carrying water generated in the palace soul mate, and later with their elopement, been ordinary dull life of a farmer, although very common saying very little, but at the time the married woman is fashion advanced female, can give up to love Yung Hua Fugui, as an ordinary man, a female role model to women freedom to open up a precedent, want to free life, breaking the shackles of feudal dynasty charge door, into the female autonomy precedent to the then a model of society, is a major undertaking precedent for the lives of women.    I walk in the street snacks, watching his son, and he ate grilled crab and grilled salmon fillets, I do not appetite, hot day, the air smelled of snacks exudes taste, aroma and seductive.    Walking in the Wangfujing pedestrian street, watching people coming and going walking very crowded, we can see a foreigner, black men and white free swinging along with, jokes, as if to make yourself at home naturally comfortable, so we look the great motherland, strong, inclusive, open.Too tired to want to sit on the floor, a sea of people, the heart does not work like Mende, water is not only bulging, because the fear of unfamiliar side could not find the.Into the Wangfujing Bookstore, reading lots of books, a lot of people, reflecting the cultural quality of urban civilization, cultural literacy, one can see from the bookstore where people’s cultural and fashion conscious conservation.We stayed for a while will be gone, gone breathless in the crowded streets, people are busy, and ran his hand walking with eating, feel their life stress and fast pace of life.Into Wangfujing dress shop, elated, looking at the different styles of dress colors, dazzlingly, here showing dress is sweet country charm Tsui, hurriedly took a few photos.Played a little wind, a lot of cool people, because of the time, love had to take the subway more than an hour of time to pick up the car Asia City.My son and I turn to the next attraction.    Goodbye homeland Tiananmen my dream, the great leader Chairman Mao, square flag, cherished the Forbidden City, the palace ancient and beautiful goodbye colorful Wangfujing Street.