Autumn rain, then floating down one place Acacia

[REVIEW] when the autumn rain, only a touch of embellishment; but after a draw.Falling swirling flowers more brilliant, beautiful views this as a gentle meandering river; we sail on the waves of happiness.  Foggy, autumn rain, the sound of Qiaochuang.Like an Acacia, early autumn sadness of the landing.Pitt leaves wither, that touch of melancholy vaguely sad windy; the cool wind blowing brow.About infatuation memories in my mind reincarnation recovery play.Quietly caress you warm tenderness, it will be firmly fastened; solemn gently on my heart storage.Autumn rain, the lonely sad Untitled.Standing residual wind, lifted the fine hair dripping with raindrops; emitting a faint smell of desolation.Worried about a piece of paper, filled with heartbreaking sorrow.Autumn season, floating down the rain Acacia.That tie tie poems, sad my bright beautiful Love.    Acacia because I keep this crazy love life.Easy cold fireworks, the years meddle stream injury.Remembrance of lost time, waving among flick; sweet blend of emotional pain alarmed thinking heartstrings.Moved by fragrant lotus pond, curl aroma in the cool autumn rainy season is still charming.That spill warm embellishment in my back garden, waiting for me to embrace it with open wings.Cecil relentless rain, iced with fiery roses.Declaration of love blooming beautiful hint of a smile, the tilt of the curvature of the lips as if blooming lotus; charming Erotic.Autumn War, for you from injury.Autumn, for you from worry.Autumn, made for you lonely.Autumn heart, you become infatuated.    Cecil Mexican rain, rain, autumn love.Under dark skies, weeping outside the building also is listless, soft branches bent; let the autumn swing.The leaf large drops of water rolling trembling, light touch; slid out of the bottom of the trail.Moment effort, drops of water complex and cohesion; still rolling like that.Without the sun’s radiation, much less glittering glory.Life does not nourish the love; not that a dry field bleak yet?Pure ethereal thoughts and soulful combination of subtle into the earthly realm of the highest.One thinks, because their feelings most important.    Acacia wind with rain, is to spend leaves floating pain.I stood in the intersection Review afar, patrol up and down; I’m sure you are my former, this life, afterlife ray flowers, always surrounded around me; low-drenched heart forever fragrant deep.Left hand holding your love, your heart tender right.Rain, hurt each other’s thoughts.Along the way, a time of rebirth; this life, the afterlife is still deeply love you.Autumn, cold each other’s sorrow.Who determines the rise and fall of the Red?How far apart meet?Those endless Acacia Can become tomorrow’s memories?Memorable parting taste, Jujiao Chu a mantra; dear, I can not live without you.    To pick up that floating down a Acacia, watch it quietly slipped from between the fingers; crashing Love Lane.Open palm covered furrows eyes, make it stop blindness fast pace.I slowly combing a little bit with you, to the exclusion messy thoughts.Touch your lips with tenderness, feeling that sweet warm.These tempting picture carefully binding wall paper, hanging in our beautiful spring.Then the rain autumn, only a touch of embellishment; but after a draw.Falling swirling flowers more brilliant, beautiful views this as a gentle meandering river; we sail on the waves of happiness.    Executive cloud of smoke as you block the wind and rain, I saw your corner to clear the lake as their eyes exhibited the influence of crystal clear; there is a touch of tenderness in deep condensate light flashes.Brave across secular divide, smiling embrace the best Red Dust.At the time when the mountain water, must be beautiful.We will build a Caolu that Taoyuan in Wonderland, tea tea to see the autumn rain mixing in the misty season.Chic ups and downs between the tea cup, warm romantic thinking.Acacia that will crumple far discarded wind.Honey, I’ll give you a warm life; I waiting for your life.I will roll filled with graceful Brisk word love for you, hang in your window; turned into a beautiful wind chimes.