At that time I would like to freeze the beautiful moments

Looked up to see the sun through the fingers, shining in the face, then smiled, suddenly thought if time can be fixed in this, how beautiful that there is..    - Inscription nostalgia fleeting time, nostalgia have gone through those beautiful, thought of many things, a lot of vague fragments, desperately want to remember.The moment experience better, at the moment will soon forget, why not eternal memory, loss of hate that feeling, knowing the kind of hate but can not remember what happens.    Some eighteen lonely, some sad Love.Has been quietly thinking about childhood, just remember there are some friends.Well played some games, and the rest are vague fragments, and even the names of playmates have in mind is not very clear.If time can then freeze in a beautiful moment, how beautiful the.So we do not want anything, just to enjoy the good moments.    Time flows through our touch of Love.Look, this second and went, time is always left us forever not catch a shadow.Sadness for the passing of time, as all the confusion in the future, so why do I always stay no less than a fragment, then a thought worth of memories.The original time to make fun of us, punish us before the right time wasting.    It is spring, everything looked far as the eye can enveloped in the warm sunshine, there is an impulse to want to get out and feel the joy of new life grass, feel the throb flowers bloom.Then the eternal one at my notes, later if not remember, when I inadvertently see the text may also be able to feel the warmth of the sun in the text, the joy of grass, flowers throbbing, those who feel good freeze!