Also thought a visit to Suibin Xian

Suibin Xian is located in the Songhua River.This is also one of the River City. June of China, is a children’s festival.To meet festival day is June 1, the.I was one day in June, came to China’s Suibin Xian.Also Suibin Xian Heilongjiang Province; Suibin Xian is a city of Hegang. Suibin Xian is a beautiful riverside town. Wide water of the Songhua River, the broad consciousness is not only a city to the bustling little; Suibin Xian city is also petite, petite beauty and. In the hot weather in June, the hiding place of cool people, street people walk hauling stuff; is embarrassed to tell you that the direction of the sun’s blue sky, and that is the morning sun in the north.Some may feel the cool case. Suibin Xian city, there is a building of the city, elegant, beautiful; beautiful with Juan, saying that the people of the city.Blue sky, clouds have burned stuff; also the sunny rain over the good old days. I came to China from a foreign people, but also to the beautiful cultural consciousness in China came.I was in the Ben Thanh Tuy department stores, live Activity; also in department store building, saw the coming of the Chinese, Russians, live events in China move.That beautiful Russian people, the Russian Far East is about local people, has a beautiful pale blue eyes; talking about the nice Russian. I was in the riverside town Suibin side street, enjoying the street; there is also a Russian, and walk in the streets outside the window of the small town sub shop. June riverside town, walk in the street look at; I do not feel old consciousness mean.Immature people in the world, that people are basically children.I also like to see to the child, the child-like character.Large and small child, a bird-like sound speech, talk round after round; said the children like my heart happy. I, thought music had to say: the world’s children, are you.Suibin Xian children, you happy holidays. You do not ask, how many of my age; happiness is possible. Children around the world; long live. I was conscious, trees and flowers Suibin Xian city, there are children like beautiful beautiful; not old clouds in the sky, are like children beautiful beautiful.I can be on the street side of the road, bouncing up; to a small Yangko.To the Young Pioneers, children’s horn, willow branches, and that the song Jiao Jiao Liu leather. A dilapidated passenger ship on the river, to tell the United States Suibin Xian City; also talking about the history of the riverside town.River side of the willow woodland, which is beautiful Fujin, the riverbank territory.Mimi Bay Songhua River, which is the direction of the water curved shilly.That river to the sea in the direction of the country is the Russian Far East in the sea; that sea surface, which is the beautiful scenery of the island of Sakhalin; Sakhalin, it is on the North Pacific, a Big Island. Just go to a river of water, is not the direction the.So, passing Suibin Xian city of people; this is the direction of their homes. Yanyou Yan nest, comfortable fly; birds in the mood, not with the tour. Goodbye, Suibin Xian.