I am a cloud in the sky, the occasional wave projection in your heart – you do not have surprised, but no joy – wiped out in an instant trace.We meet in the dark sea, you have yours, I have my direction; you remember Ye Hao, the best you forget, put each other in this encounter bright!Accidentally, I read Xu’s song “accidental”.Admire the author’s extraordinary strokes and ingenuity, simple and elegant with subtle language to write the secret depths of the soul, while the inner feeling a lot.Meet by chance, sometimes stir up the throbbing heart.This earth there are always many things that are not within the expected.Deep inside the brain without you, without you being Night’s Dream; you can see them not?May in accidentally, encounter, meet up; get to know.Rendezvous unexpected light, the surging tide of excitement, shock the heart of the sea of tranquility.It is envisioned that things would start at the beginning to see the results, the process is straightforward step by step, full regulatory rules, the no waves.Gone, gone, forgotten, no aftertaste.Accidentally, in the dull journey they encounter some people, something fell from the sky, not a prelude, your heart suddenly jumped up in an instant, with a stunned panic, hitting in surprise.Then dispersed, seemingly without leaving any traces?Like to see the rapids of a transit Zhang Ping Ye, renowned for, like, and fishing in the hands of playing for a while, still exiled in the water, let it go rafting.Though the meet was a chance, however remember when still a moment of melancholy, long in the memory with in life.No matter how the future will end, at least we have had together; do not bother each other constraints, but do not need the language of commitment.As long as we once had, for me, you have enough; there are many memories of one’s life, only wish you have a remembrance of me.This song always be sung repeatedly during old acquaintances.Among them, mixed with endless affection for years and Tan Wan.Zeng know each other, re-gathered, alienated from the time and space and time, in that moment closer; the erosion of secular stained sticky utilitarian mind, then reproduce the true at the moment.That has been forgotten, in fact, as early as in the heart of the past into a book binding, when reunited, read page by page from the past.Laughter or, friction, it is all wrapped up years of turpentine vivid, memories become crystal amber.The rain, the weather was fine, the sky is a rainbow of passing; the wind over the flowers, the flowers of the butterfly is passing; cold autumn cold dew to frost, geese are passing season; occasionally Pingju before, we are passing each other.Rainbow bright skies after rain had deserted Ji, butterflies heard of a fragrant flower; wild goose flying south to bring horizon tired off thoughts; we pass by each other’s heart diameter, although acquaintance and gone, will leave a touch of prints.Be able to pass each other, is Romance.Often want to perform a pregnant sincere joy to treat this rush of passing it, hurt also hurt, the pain also had pain, my heart still exist in a number of moving.Occasionally, too Pingju.Looked up, laugh passer.This life, passing is also the edge.