Only for the heart, such as free flower

On the way, as far as possible, happy, smiling.  Loving her heart flower.Brilliant spring, summer luxuriantly, bleak autumn, winter withered, as her heart, knowing flowery.  People look at her, and look back, it is spring and summer and winter.  No one really can understand her.She likes “The Lover”, preferring Duras.She likes “Eighteen Springs” Eileen Chang prefer.She also read Nietzsche, know as Zarathustra.  She coolness deep flavor of life, know how to love, such as fireworks.  She had married, but her heart is as free to spend.  She is not to escape, she would rather be alone, just want to give a small animal heart home.There is a Acacia, yet so far away.  She does not want a happy, do not want a small reunion.She would rather keyed in at midnight, so lonely flower.  To see her in person, only to see Wanning Jing Wen.Only she knows, she was also terribly upset.  She likes watching moths to a flame, she likes to watch “Love eyebrow Xiaozha”.She does not like clever wife Lin Huiyin, although she also likes “Rhapsody”.She prefers LiuXiaoMan, when a wreckage, a solitary case love is only a horizon.  She will guzheng, pipa will she touch of carmine, tears of yellow, falling only know her.  A person, jogging, a bridge another bridge, received a strange smile, her heart as beautiful.She went to the forest, take those years of moss.She went to see the sea, your heart filled with blue.She likes summer evening after the rain, dressed in cheongsam, heart Lotus Bloom.  There is a feel bad, only you know.There is a stick, this life without regret.Cool thoroughly had the early night, had a sunny window fine play points milk tea.But, I did not dare, Beijing Accent Alas.  Mo willow color, regret not seek Monkey.But, it Beauties, the situation has already decided.Then circumstances have vicissitudes, no looking back blowing Hu Jia.  There are some things, self-injury, even if a flash that is desolate, lonely with faint crow.  Rearranging the Kaidaotuni, Cry moment, people around the water around.In the Water Island, Iraqis already spent Mo.  Tang, the ladies in old age, says sit reign.Song, the heartbroken at the moon, plum shadow shake.Yan Xiao Ge curtain had been, off the court late bonus films Lufthansa.  Sitting alone, make tea, cooking wine, no longer scared, only wine words Sangma.  The lively lonely, lonely in the hustle and bustle.The landscape is already quiet, silence for Liu Xia.  Man too mundane, poetry and painting discharge head, the line of the Millennium tears river, flows through the Tanabata, herons stand head sand shore.