Encounter your weekend

Wherever he went, I always tried their best to find out which of the river here?Which mountain sitting there?Even the mountains and water are unheard of, because I will be there wherever there are mountains and water excited.This is after I came to the South to develop a habit, it can not have any specific reason, just think, every place in the south of the overall landscape of some nourishment, so that they will not live up to my arrival.    I travel often for self-assertion, whether it is willing Or reluctantly, active or whether passive, I always hope that I will soon be able to reach the local landscape and close some.Love mountain love water, and thus fell in love with every place I travel to meet the aspirations of.Originally thought teaching would be very remote place, only to discover after arriving here is not remote, but because of some of the hills and called on the name of a river, I suddenly fell in love here.Mountains and water by the Department of ratio, but even the great mountains of water, but we must have a love of the natural nourishment, but also customs is very important.    British county of Mazhen back, rushed heard here, and scrambled to get here, after nearly six months time I will stay here, with what they have learned to make micro-blog for the education of the town contribution.In addition to time gathered in my student body, the rest is idle thinking found beautiful, short hills here naturally glance see, see, and near the river, it is found when the evening stroll.I like to discover this beautiful time, living color is mostly an excuse for our busy off all right, and to support education life is the opportunity for me to reclaim the dark colors.    To the weekend, with friends in the town together to support education, after eating homemade meals, we along I “discovered” the path along the town’s pedestrian pace, and walked toward the river.This season, is the season of blooming canola flower, I wonder why years after arriving from the south began, that touch of golden canola flower will always appear in front of me, where are lingering.Montreal golden seem covered every corner of the South, but also to decorate at the level of the back of the extremely gorgeous mazhen.I used to see the color will not feel fresh, but bright yellow canola flower that has really made me sighed: “Well beautiful spring, good beautiful flowers!”River rocks Guling, overgrown with weeds, several people holding a fishing rod here, I have a few schools teaching students sitting by the river tell stories, ask them to name the river, the answer also We are not sure.Of course, at this time I do not care, and they looked comfortable sitting by the river telling stories, blowing breeze, I suddenly found that this seems a long time I have not experienced, or, never have never experienced.But this time really want to appear again could not be easier, I only hope that in the near future, I can have the time and mood, like them, and my friends, sitting together on the river, blow, speak tell the story this time.    Canola flower is really bright, naturally we can not escape the eyes of these people.He took out the camera, standing in the flowers, click, bang, good memories on this collection down.Saw a yellow, a dream encounter, this time to spend the weekend not considered waste.    There are no feelings, and no one said not used.Mountains and water flowers has a friend living in where it is not wonderful?