This two flags is to plug in the autumn.There was a fall of gas, down from heaven, coming from far away, gently fluttering, when people feel the coolness of autumn in the East dry feet things ended up – in the mountains of the East dry feet, the two the tall maple trees ended up on both sides of the banner, revealed in batches between the trees, elm, sweet-scented osmanthus trees, fir trees, virgin, by the yellow and red, like a burning torch, such as wind and flag.    East dry feet this time, is not thin, but the quiet.Flat Shakes the Barley in orange and warm sunshine placid, like Firefox leather shop on the ground.Straight cypress little unhappy, in fact, they have been that way, but this time some dignified.This East with dry feet relating to the sky, to Yanzi Nan, Chinese bulbul, magpie occasionally ran across eyeliner, a day more empty blue, faint, it is also melancholy.This worries human life from the world wide and small, stacked layers mountain ridge, the clouds and cloud drop, people such as ants, accidentally lose yourself.Wrinkled brow, the good news is there are mountain East dry feet, has a vast Tian Mu Shakes the Barley, there are a lot of houses like beans scattered in every seat foot mountain, full of endless fighting spirit.    In thinner water, water, water ditch, river water wells, are thinner thin, looked up, to find the answer, the wind, the cold wind which is lost to nourish nourishment East dry feet of water.Water is not rich, dry grass, and the grass was originally buried in the stone road, like the keel as prominent, piece by piece, like a wanderer heartbroken End of the World.Clean earth, people on the street also put lighter body, afraid to disturb the tranquility of this deep.The only people surging heart is ignited in the mountain jungle two torch tree – two maple trees, if not caused by wind or birds that title to, and I do not know how many years of growth, suddenly surrounded and shielded from in stand out, stand out camel, aloof above the base wood, and with a autumn, they compose a song spectacular.    Maple is both ordinary, extraordinary and Zoran.It is sandwiched between neem tree, loquat tree, sand Tarim, wild mulberry, Zhang large palm leaves, the green and deep, there is no difference with the other tree.Just autumn when the maple leaves begin to turn yellow, no one noticed until the yellow leaves of a tree, when the fall came before anyone awoke.A few morning, maple morning dew is infiltration, the sun has been roasted, sudden strong emotion up, become like yellow leaves wrapped in a blood-like, around the trees have become a foil, volley out two tree, like two ears, collecting the world of gas, listen to the sound of heaven and earth, all expressing hidden in the leaves, volley and dance, you say that the fall of the East dry feet, the wind is my state of mind?No answers, only flying like flags in front of the front head, in front of the trap, which lurked death and cold, but also awe-inspiring no fear.    East dry feet like that, like a broad bean, nest at the foot of the mountains, seasons, blossom, Rain or shine.    East dry feet is such a person, get up early stay late, from old to death, accompanied crops, proud to ground, pray.    Flowering maple-like leaves make people surprised East dry feet for a while, it does not behave around the tree, neem tree began to resist the wind of plunder, the wind finally touch on naked.Buttonwood very miserable day also hurt, the night also hurt, the kind of farewell, it is mistaken began autumn, Xianlian a look, the Indus is entangled in the autumn, to see people can not help but sigh.And it is eager for the long side of the stone in the Chinese tallow tree, green when the disc plays like a crown vacated eagle, and red when, like a cloud, comes and go, the wind scratch several times, leaves flutter down , while the branches of the Chinese tallow tree seeds burst open, like a mass of snow hanging on the branches brisk.    Once the branches brilliant fall on the mud, regardless Shining flowers or colorful autumn leaves, have been dry years like a Lianpan vitality of the elderly, withered face, full of wrinkles, a layer of ashes.    A long time ago, when the East dry feet kids will be holding Pa child, lug baskets, rope these leaves to go home when firewood.Chinese tallow tree leaf, maple leaf, red leaf, just fell to the ground, into a pile on the Pa.Filled baskets, some sitting on the stone, the fruit of play picked up, looking for some grass nest among the branches of Pulsatilla quince tree, hidden inside their winter food – the gentleman.Some will stand in maple, to see the tree from the root, look like a reptile, a one climb and see the blue sky, came a breath away.Maple in peeling, cracked bark with spot where the trunk is smooth and strong, the way it seems, the whole tree are peeling.This is what a scene, after hot like fire, is painful molting?The shuttle slight wind in the forest, cliff of the East dry feet like an old man watching cattle, basking in the sun bunk, and crops has a lot of refreshing, thick green to withered, distant earth empty.    According to the fall of all things, after all, the depression left winter.    After I stood in the East dry feet, a stone bridge, it is the East dry feet were roasted brown sun-dried mud walls.All doors are wide open, which is black, as one by one in front of the heavens crying mouth.I listened with a piece of cloth, a piece of cloth, after the East dry foot mountain woods, will ow the East dry feet wrapped up, go into exile.I want to measure it, from the home to the End of the World.    East dry feet, I was told by a tree on the horizon between the spring and summer, the leaves of leafy change the way.    My heart has two maple leaves, together, that is one side of the banner does not fade, is the East dry feet.In the End of the World, it is the home of the banner, keep in mind that the place is now called the East dry feet.    July 26, 2013