Girls, I want you to always remember

Dressed in white dresses, flowing hair dancing in the wind, just like the wind spirit。Just curled up body, delicate shoulders, trembled in the leaves in the rain。Crystal teardrop slowly slipped down the cheeks, wetting the foot of a green。  Under sunsets, petite figure significantly more delicate and charming。But only helpless girl repeated the phrase over and over again: Why?why?Why am I so in love with him but he do this to me?Why all my heart for him so he paid in return for the results?Why did he not love me?why?why?  The poor girl, stop your crying, put away your self-esteem, stood up, toward the setting sun, wiped tears, then Shuaishuaitou, stepped on the foot of the lawn, do your own thing。You see, all are very fearless sacrifice you are doing now, we have lost any sense。  Girls, I want you to remember: never break Never hysterical cries of a boy do not love you loud roar stalker, begging, never!  Always remember that a man's heart is always better than a woman's heart hard times when he does not love you, for everything you have done him no meaning。  Your stalker, begging you, your cries of hysterical break, your everything, he will only make you more tired because he does not love you, he no longer has patience for you, no more inclusive clever girl, learn to let go!  Rouchang earth shattering love even had unforgettable love love love forevermore keep off。  Remember those who have become became become memories yesterday。  Now the fact is: he does not love, and he broke his words, he let go first。  Girl, put down, slowly put down。Yes, it is difficult。It was so difficult to wanted to melt themselves into the wind and into the clouds and into the patch of sky no memory, and then everything is gone, forget everything。Can calm down, the earth is still rotating, life goes on, you still have the memory of Ming Langlang。  Can not forget, it does not fit。But he has not let you have the courage to give everything to be a break, just let this tangle of heartache out of ideas, and then find life dull not see any sense, who also lost vitality lackadaisical, people seem to be so taking away。  Girl, forget it, this is a painful process, the time will slowly heals all。  To find their own things to do, make yourself busy。  Without his world, the Earth is still in rotation!  Not his world, you have more time for yourself, to parents, to friends, to the lack of friendship。  Girls give yourself the last vestiges of dignity, to love you, he is no longer chic to say goodbye。  Then, turn around!  Even tears have heavy rain, and do not have a hand to wipe even shoulders trembling not self-sustaining, and do not hold hands and shoulders even if your feet have extremely heavy weight, but also a firm to move forward do not turn around, leaving the last strong back, then disappear behind his sight girl, you liberated。Give yourself or find a quiet corner without being disturbed people, give vent to it, any tears burst its banks, flooding the Yellow River either, loudly call out the hearts of grievances, telling the dissatisfaction, too much repression, "the woman with the most usual way tears "scour it clean。Make yourself a happy cry, so that my time to finish his tears flow, let yourself all at once tell wronged discontent。  Then, tell yourself, the future will not weep for him, and he no longer loves you, he is no longer worthy of you go weep for him。Let him know: a woman's tears are not cheap never dry spring, let him know: he does not love the spring for the stream dried up after the flooding has nothing to do with him。  Poor girl, I understand you paid too much, too much to bear much, lost too much。However, the result of people just jump ,,, memory is the most excruciating pain, often touching memories will Jiuqi softest heart。Do not want to touch, can be life there are too many casual, always inadvertently lifted the heart。Always thinking: How do I get to forget?Can I amnesia?How will I be deleted him from my life?All this has kept himself tangled in deep sorrow。  So why bother to forget?How could abruptly memory so easily forgotten?Everything comes naturally, wanted to give himself a little time out for a bit fake, he had to think about what's good, he had love。So just quietly, silently in my heart I think, do not tell anyone, not to move that number by heart how to forget forget it, and not to bother him, not hurt you to give him a second chance!  You know, without him tenderness for you, the washing time can not afford to have your memory, when everything is tired, tired, and he will slowly disappear in your world, so everything comes naturally Do not deliberately hurt a girl, do not let the tears fall in vain, so that grievances have another opportunity to break into the room to re-examine the heart love you defined what you want to see the people together to begin to learn to cherish their own to protect themselves!  Girls, I want you to always remember!  Never put too much emotion to see!  Never love as all life!  Never put your love him as your only!  Always remember, your life in addition to family friendship as well as love, your life apart from him, there are family and friends, as well as your love is just a small part of your life that you and your circle, your career girl, I want you to always remember!  Love yourself a little more than love him forever, not all, pay a hundred percent, this does not apply to men, the more you pay, the more love will get, the less you remember the love of the world has always been in balance unfair, but men tend to pay more than the concept of love, you will not be happy to pay a hundred percent of his move, he will only exacerbate the sense of distance girls for you, I want you to always remember!  Never easy to love, even if really love love。Too easy to get people to feel very cheap, but does not know the girl treasure。I want you to always remember!  Forever and you love him, keep a certain distance (even after the marriage, too) Do not put all the things to tell him, do not attempt to get to know all his, always see is people want to explore, and when everything at a glance, all will become apathy girl, I want you to always remember!  Never try to tie him, you put him more tightly tied his more they want to escape, to free some space to each other, to let him know that you respect him, and hope he respected the feelings serious about your girl, I want to you always remember!  Man's heart is always better than a woman's hard, because you can fall again his sweet talk, and when he no longer loves you for his good, you have all of him had no meaning, you beg, you sad, for you will only make him more and more disgusted, or even can be called only on the existence of guilt does not pay。So when a man no longer loves you, do not go any illusions, chic let go, you are the last vestiges of dignity or also deeply hurt his heart was no longer a soft region。  Girls, I want you to always remember!  Do not let him occupy all your life, do not let him affect your normal life, but one day when he was once gone, he's gone you will not feel overwhelmed with sorrow, will not feel the world has lost color, while he Christians also left an empty shell。  Girls, I want you to always remember!  Not love, can only say that your own fate yet, throw a person does not love you is not lost, and how the rights of girls to their first choice, I want you to always remember!  Whether you have been hurt multiple, still have to be thankful for, still have to believe that in this world there is still love, still want to believe that this world has a love you man, but you have not yet met the girl, I want you to remember with far!  Do not all day long fantasy love, love to come it is a natural thing, to do what you have to do in the gap is not love, cause you to complete the achievement of the completion of your ideals, achievements!  Girl, I deeply wish for you!  Love with you long companion, both happiness forever!(6m6m2009-7-1101: 35)