Fireworks fleeting, like a play Red

All the joys and sorrows of years of sedimentation, time is obsessed with a song, how many met the corner, come and go。Long cycle of things changed in my heart, like a desert, take away the old, leaving the sand。    Manjuan westerly old Love is warm, the faint smell of gardenia, incense his memory, echoed in mind, those soft, heritage, do not have advertising, how to look, is the most beautiful presence。Yesterday, today, forever in the past, see and not see, is polyethylene or scattered, the end of the。Meet is a fireworks show, with a cycle time to fall in love with a person, then seriously to forget, with a bloom time, afterlife do a Qinglian, flowers speechless, the end of the central people。    Memory blossoming across the cloud, gentle and deep of the night, an idea, students warm。Cool nights, endless twilight, through the mentality of course, looking back at everyone who passes from life, rewind stagnant moment, there is not a man you never forget, but shed tears of people freeze?    You say I'm a past life you accidentally left behind a tear about, or you inadvertently missing a sleeve breeze。Read the emotional world, not necessarily open the sweet, scattered in the heart of the story, like a wordless song, silent night attendant at the Red Road。Desalination process called the forgotten memories of the past called thoughts, forget it takes time hand to heal, thinking it takes heart to trek, you passing me calm years, knocking woke my swan song of the millennium, the number of day and night sleepless heart awake in you and me after the road, the silent pain of a shaman to the desolate, snow and other Millennium ray of sunshine, and my crazy pen Rye falls away between the lines。    Walking in Chunhuaqiuyue fleeting, the time has come to realize quietly change, not the old days, the situation has been destroyed, who wander from the past years?Like catkins covered days, it will be a sad Acacia rain flooded the city, shattered the hearts of all attachments at that moment, the original end of the world is no longer the end of the road。Whose Wife took shallow edge?Meet and what year?    Remember "asked the Buddha" in the dialogue, I asked the Buddha: If you encounter a person can love, but fear can not grasp how to do?Buddha said: How much love to stay in the world, Ukiyo thousand welcome change; and lovers, do fun things, do not ask a robbery or edge。Just this fleeting indulgence, the romantic buried, I only saw scattered autumn leaves, hold back the sad pull off a wave goodbye to yesterday, breaking any of those memories chapter behind scattered into the water and sand。    Walk of life, such as the Red spectrum a quiet drama years。After this went on, impressionistic story again and again, just how many people have changed?If the afterlife, you do see a story of people, smile all the pros and cons, the Red is a drama, but the actors have no regrets。