Food therapy of insomnia, insomnia often eat this

It is now working under increasing pressure, cause there was not any time to take care of your body, insomnia phenomenon is getting worse, insomnia foods diet is that you know how?You know what to eat fruit regularly insomnia okay?Today night network will introduce you ate of knowledge about insomnia, you are interested in quickly Laikankana。Insomnia lily lotus porridge food therapy taking dried lily, lotus (tape core, bubble in water), 30 grams of sugar, 100 grams of rice。
Dried lily, rice, lotus seeds and put together in the pot boiled, add sugar instant when。
This porridge heat Yin, lungs and nerves, for insomnia with strong Firelight, anxiety and irritability are edible。
Semen Semen end 15 g porridge, rice 100 grams。
First rice cooked, then cook for 5 minutes at the end of Semen。
Has uneasiness of mind, rather heart antiperspirant effect for insomnia, dreams, palpitations, irritability, weakness, sweating are edible。Ganmai jujube lotus soup 250 g lotus root, 75 grams of wheat, 12 g of licorice, jujube 5, 3 grams of salt。Wheat washed, soaked 1 hour; soaked dates, pitted。Wheat, licorice, red dates, add water to boil, simmer plus soft lotus finally seasoning with salt。
This Tang Youyi gas and blood, Anshen role, especially for the poor color insomnia。Mulberry mulberry 60 grams of fresh water, add boiling water, boil after a small fire for 10 minutes every night before going to bed one hour taking。
Mulberry sweet, cold, with liver and kidney, tranquilizer puzzle, blood Yin, thirst, laxative, eyes and ears, the role of black hair, especially for insomnia associated with constipation, anemia, hair loss, less bald, tinnitus by eating。
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