How to drink millet gruel millet and whole grains more nutritious mix

Millet gruel how to drink more nutritious millet is a common ingredients generally used to porridge nourishing the body, then we know how to drink small rice more nutritious it is actually millet and coarse grains with them more nutritious and more delicious Oh, together with the small series take a look at how to drink small rice more nutritious it related presentations!Small rice Ingredients: 100 grams of millet, 50 g of soy sauce: 10 g white sugar millet gruel soy practice: 1.Millet, soybeans are milled, precipitated in pots millet, decanted cold water, mix thoroughly with water; the residue soybean was sieved to。
2.Pot by adding about 1500 ml of cold water, boiling down into soybean milk, after boiling again, under the millet, low heat slowly boiling。
3.See you rotten beans, cooked rice, add sugar to taste, stir evenly, you can dish up eating。
Small brown rice starting material: 150 g of millet, 5-10 pieces, little pieces, 10 g little melon seeds, brown sugar。 Practice: how to drink more nutritious millet gruel 1.Millet, red dates, brown sugar and nuts。 Can be placed in whole nuts, chopped also be added after the 2.Millet washing clean, into the pot with water soak for about 30 minutes, dates washed, pitted, chopped meat alternate dates。
3.Take pot, into the amount of water, boiled into millet, a small fire slowly boiling, to be placed upon broken dates millet capsules flowering, uniform cooking continued stirring, until the meat dates into soft, brown sugar, chopped peanuts and mix well, then boiled for a few minutes to turn off the heat。
Millet practice。