Use this trick, at least help you extend the life of two decades knee!(1)

  After entering middle age, a lot of people to keep fit, often go hiking, but do not take the elevator or stairs to change, the result will be knee pain。
Then I wonder, how exercise also exercise go wrong here?Whether running and jumping knees and, among many habits will inadvertently affect the knee。
And knee problems also gradually younger。  Knee irreparable wear the traditional concept, hiking is a good aerobic exercise, can help you exercise thigh and hip muscle groups, while also able to exercise the heart and lung function。
  But the fact is, many orthopedic experts advise: climbing is "the most stupid sport."。  Climbing belong to weight-bearing exercise, waist joints must withstand the weight of his body, particularly the knees up to the force。
When the body to climb up the order, the weight of the burden of the knee will instantly increased to about four times the usual。  Knee life expectancy is only 60 years in fact, the life of the joint is limited。Once the joint "days are numbered", it will lead to all kinds of joint disease!Joint life expectancy is mainly determined by genes, generally 60 years of healthy life。
  On the one hand, we need to exercise thigh and hip muscles。But on the other hand, we can not at the expense of the knee injury。
Excessive use will increase wear and tear on it, and can not be repaired。  But experts explained that the solution to this problem is not difficult, you only need to change exercise habits can。
  Extend the life of the knee determined not to do strenuous exercise these actions are not on the hard floor, such as the squat, leapfrog, running, jumping rope and some dancing, will increase the wear and tear of the patella。
  Especially squatted down and then stand up to wear and tear on the joints largest。
Articular cartilage about 1-2 mm, the cushion pressure role is to protect the bone does not break。
  It is equivalent to the rubber on the track, it can help a buffer force of up and down movement, and thus to protect their joints。  On a hard floor exercise, bounce back in the super-reaction force, damage to the joints and bones of a large。
Therefore, it is recommended to do exercise in rubber sports venues。
  Extend the life of these knee knee movement essential for most sports: swimming, cycling, doing gymnastics, for ordinary people, for the most beneficial exercise joint is swimming。
  In the water body is parallel to the ground, almost no weight-bearing joints of each。Diabetes, hypertension and other chronic diseases, many people swim, good for the whole body。
In order to achieve the purpose of physical exercise, you can choose to swim, do gymnastics and other sports lighter weight-bearing joints。
  Here to give you about a zero-cost, good use, low share, for "knee conservation" action people of all ages to use。  Whether you now have no knee uncomfortable situation, this movement will be for you, because this movement: no going out, no equipment, no damage to the knee, but also exercise to knee!  1, you can find a chair back, buttocks sit back, relying on back。Hands on the back of the chair, the back pad cushions。
  2, thigh underlay a towel, can also be bundled with a few towels and towels, just thick enough, you can bundle was solid, intent is to elevate the knee。  3, correct posture, back straight, feet put down, one after shaking with natural。
Do not need to swing too, breezed shake ah shake on it!  This move may seem simple, but then strengthen the knee was helpful。
  Knee or foot pain of old wounds person can use to promote healthy foot pain leg better, before and after the health of the foot pain in the foot while holding the natural sloshing back and forth, doing the equivalent of rehabilitation, allowing the knee gradually back to health。