Latest report: US Alzheimer's care costs spent more than $ 420,000 per person

Alzheimer's Association, patients on average spend more than $ 420,000 per person。
(Figure: Alzheimer's Association, courtesy of the US "World News") reports that the US elderly population increases, the number of patients with Alzheimer's disease along with rising; in 2025 more than 65-year-old with dementia will reach 7.1 million, compared with an increase of about 29% in 2018。 And due to the lack of effective treatments, patients, caregivers and the community paid dearly。
Last year, 16 million Americans light labor, emotional, and financial support for the provision of medical services, to pay the equivalent of $ 232.1 billion; and living standards rising, until 2050, the total cost of care is expected to exceed $ trillion。
  Report that, if early diagnosis so that patients get the right care plan, medical and care expenses will be reduced to $ 360,000, but the amount is still scary。   Alzheimer's Association Chinese outreach manager Zhang Peining pointed out that economic and mental burden of the families has been the most difficult problem, the Association continued to fight for more resources in addition to subsidies, the Chinese also want more actively involved in the testing of new drugs and other projects to promote the development of health care。
  She said that long-term care for Alzheimer's patients prohibitively expensive, might be early to give up work to care for family members caused the opportunity cost, in the late hand care, or sent to professional organizations, a large cost burden, "the 40 thousands of dollars digital terrible。 "At present there is no treatment, but to keep calls for the early detection, early control of symptoms and reduce the burden delay。