DTZ Debenham Tie Leung: Hong Kong residential property market low interest rate environment continue to benefit

HONG KONG, electric (Samuel Chan boat) DTZ 14, said the first half of this year to maintain the Hong Kong residential property prices rose 5-10% forecast, due to "harsh measure" influence in one hand and the turnover ratio of total volume will continue to rise, the current the low interest rate environment will continue to benefit the property market。 DTZ Debenham Tie Leung, vice president of Greater China and Greater China Head of Strategic Development Consultant Taoru Hong said the government's policy to make an effective annual supply increased from 7000-8000 units to over 20,000 units, the rate of increase in property prices slowed down, but still expects the first half of this year, property prices will rise 5-10% of。 Hong Kong SAR Government to increase the supply at the same time, a series of measures to curb speculative activities, such as increasing the stamp duty on property that is "hot moves," Tao Hongru said housing turnover this year will continue to fall, because the secondary market by the "hot recruit" the impact of circulation It was reduced, while the primary real estate developers can launch subsidies to offset the "spicy move", currently about three percent of the total turnover ratio will continue to rise in the future。 He expects this year to raise interest rates even Hong Kong, the speed and magnitude are not too large, low interest rate environment will continue to benefit the property market。 Managing Director of DTZ Xiao Liang Hui said Hong Kong area, the expansion of Chinese-funded institutions in Hong Kong to Grade A office rents in the area of strong support this year is expected to rise 3-6 percent of。 Chinese-funded institutions in the fourth quarter accounted for the proportion of Grade A office space is 19%, five years ago the figure was only 13%。
Lin Wei of Hong Kong should be part of Retail and office agency services director, said the retail market this year and last year a world of difference, the bank starting from Christmas to New Year learned to retailers, general business turnover has increased, adjust the front-line street shop rents after four% to 50%, has been completed, it is estimated this year fell less than 5%; non-core areas such as Yuen Long and Ma On Shan rents rose steadily in recent years, it is expected to continue to rise this year by about 10%。