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Women diet tips have anemia which is the case of many of the girls will appear, then you know what women have blood food can do the following Xiaobian to tell us something about women diet tips, eat their ruddy oh!Women can eat five kinds of food Anemia Anemia is a common female disease, many women are more or less there are symptoms of anemia, but women are not much awareness of anemia, and anemia species are different, so women more anemia should understand the situation better help themselves avoid。 If there are cases of anemia, in addition to active treatment, conditioning diet is also very important。 If women have symptoms of anemia, breakfast may wish to eat the following foods: egg yolk yellow, although it contains a lot of cholesterol, but egg yolk per 100 grams of 7 mg iron, and rich in nutrients, anemic women can eat 1-2 eggs a day。
Carrots Carrots contain high levels of B, C, at the same time contains a special nutrient – carotene, carotene on blood and very useful, carrot soup, soup to drink blood is a good。
Women eating tips soy products and soy powder 11 mg of iron per 100 grams, the body's absorption rate of 7% over the rice, a lot of iron absorption rate of the surface, so soy is a good source of iron。 Breakfast can drink a glass of milk, you can also put some cooking and eating gluten。