Facebook against "pornography" French painting "Liberty Leading the People" are shielded

  [World Wide Web reports reporter Wang Lilan] in the Louvre collection of French art treasures, one is undoubtedly the most renowned in the world of work "free peoples guide"。 However, a French director recently discovered painting by the world famous painting can not be reviewed on Facebook, the reason turned out to be bare-breasted factor。   According to French media European Times March 19 citing Agence France-Presse reported that French theater director Fiorina (JocelynFiorina) using the painting in their advertising works, when she advertised on Facebook, found it impossible to pass review, the site is prompted not publish nude photos。
  After the review found that the cause of the failure, Fiorina immediately released a new version of the ad。 Or the use for the same picture, but the portion covered topless, writes above shielded Facebook。
Interestingly, this time the new ad is not masked face book。   It reported that Fiorina recalled that in June 2017 she had twice tried to publish advertisements containing the painting, but have failed。 She approached the manager responsible for the review, but no response from the other side of the room accommodation, claiming that even the 19th-century paintings are no exception。