Pension intelligent devices into the home for the elderly children feel at ease

  Shuangyushu old, who lives in Haidian District, Marin branch under the mattress to show care for intelligent sensor systems to collect sleep data。   Newspaper reporter Wu Yibin photo WASHINGTON (reporter Yu Li Shuang) are most afraid of elderly people living alone can not be found in time accidents。
Pilot North Street, Haidian District, Shimonoseki intelligent endowment, the first intelligent monitoring equipment installed in 43 elderly people, the elderly sleep, toileting, and other activity data, uploaded to the phone the first time the staff and children, unusual energy timely disposal。   This year 89-year-old Marin shoots a man living in South Shuangyushu 2 community, although children are not living together in Beijing。
The elderly healthier body, but a living person, always worried about can not be found in time accidents。 Two years ago, intelligent street pilot pension, Marin became the first elected branches pilot households, the pilot took the lead from the start of the horse home。
  Marin went into the branches of the family, not seeing what a dozen different。
Under the guidance of technical personnel, pension intelligent device was only unveiled one by one。 First of all, on the coffee table next to the sofa, there is a gateway, responsible for collecting transmission signals。
Off the old mattress, pillow below the location of a palm wide white strip mat, it's a pressure pad, capable of monitoring the situation of the elderly sleep。
On the door connecting foyer and the living room, equipped with a white habit of activity sensors that can monitor the activities of the elderly in the room: a few back, points out, whether walking back and forth in the room, etc.。 Into the toilet, the toilet seat followed by a sensor to monitor the situation of older toilet。
A sensor mounted on the shower head valve, can be monitored in the case with bathing。
The old man's bedside and a panic button, time of the accident, the elderly can press the button for help independent。   "This device consists of a gateway and six sensors that can monitor the activities of daily living and the elderly case。 Relevant data will be transferred to the phone the first time the staff, after the children of the elderly download APP, can see these data for the first time。 Abnormal data is present, the staff will be the first time processing。
"Beijing Yue Zhi Yuan Information Services Limited technical director responsible for the technical support of Gu Changfu introduction。 "Last night, the old man had been walking around in the house, I did not sleep very late。 After the discovery of this situation, our staff on phone call, asked about the situation, to appease the elderly。 "Gu Changfu open the phone APP, transfer data to lobby the elderly with sticks, while the analysis side to explain to reporters。
  "In the past you live always felt that my heart is not practical, since the equipment installed, like having a backbone, my heart at ease a little。
"Marin branch said the old man, with this equipment, children do not always thinking about。   From the beginning of 2016 the first pilot households, as of now, the North Shimonoseki streets have installed smart devices pension in 43 elderly people。
After the conclusion of the pilot, we will continue to expand the scope of the installation。 North Shimonoseki streets have been built in the South 2 Community pension inn, radiation throughout the area, intelligent devices and pension inn pension services combined, will bring more peace of mind services for older persons。