Disorderly!Brazil World Cup fans fans hate to bash in the field of beauty?Lo: What does he count

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Sochi Olympic Stadium, the Iberian Peninsula, Derby, C Lo with a perfect hat-trick of consecutive World Cup has become the fourth player to score。Spartak Moscow stadium after 20 hours, contrary to all expectation, the plum number one penalty throw a penalty in the game, depressed again……From the field of view, Argentina accounted for half the number of fans, from three hours before the start of the race, they start wearing shirt sitting subway to Spartak Stadium。Maradona sat in the VIP gallery。In Argentina, fans filled the cabin of one, the one called "Diego" Wi-Fi hotspot is quite eye-catching, but unfortunately, sitting in the VIP gallery Maradona, only many times do regret your head like。Argentina fans when it comes to beauty bright face Messi。"What is Apollos C?Messi is the best player。"One day before the fans for the beauty of Argentina scored just three goals?Luo dismissive。"Argentina will win the game, Messi and Higuain goal。"The confidence of the Argentine fans before the game, sat in the stands after the game, it took a while to get up and leave。Argentina rival Iceland also came almost 12,000 fans, "We almost 5% of the population came to see the game, Messi is very strong, maybe we'll lose 0-4, but I want to be 2-0。"Iceland fans outside the stadium performances Viking roar。A fan Iceland view has been recognized by another friend, "Maybe we will lose to Argentina, but you can beat Croatia and Nigeria qualify。"Iceland fans to watch the game in Russia spent three nights four days spent almost 2000 euros," tickets are not expensive, almost 120 euros, but really expensive airfare and hotel, but no problem, this is the first in Iceland time the World Cup, we should come to the scene。"Chinese fans is of course indispensable, a group of fans during the World Cup from Guangdong in Moscow and St. Petersburg, two cities travel watch ten days, they are all Argentina fans," I hope Argentina win 3-0, I hope many goals Messi。"And the next day at the Luzhniki stadium in Germany and Mexican fans of the game have come a lot of people, as well as Japan Japan national team jersey wearing fans came to the stadium, the most surprising is fairly uniform from Vietnam they dressed in the Vietnamese flag in the limelight in the crowd。There are a couple from Panama, "we do not have tickets, wanted to try luck, the results did not find even a cattle。"Brazilian national team jersey wearing fans went so far as to predict the results of the competition。The most interesting is a group of fans wearing the Brazilian national team jersey, "We come from Brazil, Pele than Maradona stick, Argentina, they can not, maybe you can get a draw in Iceland。"It has the ability to hit the field, but also to admire the Brazilian fans, it really is a draw ah!