15 years, China hundred housing prices mean assets, sales increased more than 50 times

Data for hair Zhangyun She Beijing March 22 (Reporter Pang loudly) "China Real Estate TOP10 Research Group" by the State Council Development Research Center Enterprise Institute, Real Estate Institute of Tsinghua University and China Index Research Institute research organization composed of three 22 released a report that since 2003, the rapid growth in the national economy and promote the rapid urbanization, the Chinese real estate industry to achieve development spurt, the total assets of hundred housing prices, the average realized sales of more than 50-fold increase market share close to 50%, industry concentration accelerate the upgrade。
  The report shows that in mid-2017 hundred enterprises and the development of more obvious differentiation。   Housing prices hundred sales grew by leaps and bounds。 2017, total sales of hundred companies, sales area of over one hundred million yuan, respectively, and square meters, an increase of% and%; hundred companies market share quickly rose to% percentage point increase over the previous year, industry concentration accelerate the upgrade。
  In addition, the report said, the trend appears hundred housing prices without sacrificing quality and size。 2017, on the one hand hundred companies rush to raise the necessary elements of development land, capital, and human resources to meet the growing demand for high quality; on the other hand, stringent cost control, speed up the turnover, internal and external efforts in promoting enterprise improve operational quality, in 2017 top 100 enterprises operating income amounted to mean billion, the average net profit of billion yuan, an increase of%,%; net profit margin, return on equity (ROE) mean% percent respectively, year on year increase, percentage points。   The future, the report predicts that housing prices need to strictly control hundred endogenous risk。 2017 top 100 corporate debt pressures, assets and liabilities rate of%, increase compared with 2016 points, the effective rate debt%, a modest increase in percentage points compared with 2016。
Housing prices in short-term debt has significantly increased the pressure。
Future, on the one hand hundred companies need to guard against the risks under the layout of large-scale expansion drive, including the layout blindly follow the trend, focus on high land purchase hot cities to bring inventory risk; on the other hand, in a tough financial environment, improve leverage , debt payment under increasing pressure in the background, need to focus on cash security and prevent financial risks。