Apple will increase the screen MicroLED independent design and production of independent research and development efforts

  Apple will be subject to independent design and production MicroLED display news, Samsung Electronics and other related suppliers stock prices generally fell in Asian trading hours。
Many analysts predict that Apple will abandon future cooperation more parts suppliers。
  Value MicroLED technical sources, the production is much higher than the difficulty MicroLED screen OLED screen, Apple for the first time in iPhoneX, Apple about a year ago almost abandoned the project, but its engineering team has made progress, the technology has now entered the later stages, but consumers may have to wait several years to see further results。   MicroLED also known as micro-LED, first invented by American scientists in 2000。 MicroLED and OLED, are made of a light-emitting diode LED constituting the difference is that the material。 MicroLED technique is the use of inorganic in the gallium nitride light emitting portion (GaN) material。 Such material may provide higher brightness than the OLED products, OLED screen than on the response speed, contrast, color saturation better。
As a result of inorganic materials, MicroLED also issue "short-lived" OLED screen does not appear。
Meanwhile, MicroLED panel can make the screen thinner, in terms of power consumption, well below the OLED screen。
  Since MicroLED too "mini", how tiny components of the transmission and paste molding, mass production has become a problem MicroLED screen。 As early as 2014, Apple began to lay out MicroLED technology company through the acquisition of LuxVue。   Analysts said that Apple's technology will help control MicroLED breakthrough in the growing maturity of the smartphone market, and beyond with high-end display technology rivals such as Samsung Electronics。 But the uncertain prospects for the project, production of new screens require new production equipment, and there is risk of alternative technologies, additional investment in this project will be very high。
  Apple's own research and development of information technology in its series of MicroLED display supplier undoubtedly constitute bad。 19, Samsung Electronics shares fell%, LG display shares fell%, Japan Display shares fell%, Sharp shares fell%。
Market participants also believe that the man-machine interface solutions provider Synaptics and other companies as well as OLED technology developers UniversalDisplay such shares will also be negatively affected。   Increase their own research and development efforts the longer term, Apple has increased in recent years completely independent research and development efforts。
While independent research and a larger initial investment, but once completed, with Apple's iPhone sales of hundreds of millions each year, we will be able to save a lot of patent fees。 In addition, the use of other technology companies, more or less controlled by others in the supply chain, completely independent research and development can further consolidate Apple's position in the smart device industry。   In the processor chip, Apple as early as 2008 through the acquisition of research and development for independent chip layout。
In the iPhone4, which although not entirely independent processor design, but after this has laid a solid foundation。 In 2012, Apple released iPhone5, the phone's A6 processor is independent of its custom-designed chip, then the A-series processors and other chips on the performance of rival products are ahead of the same period。 Future, whether it is on the iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch, consumers will see the figure of A series, S series processors, Apple also reportedly plans to carry on its own research and development in Apple?Series processors。
  In Modems, iPhone has been using two Intel and Qualcomm modem。 But there is news that Apple has several years of research modem, its self-developed products will be used for the fastest processor on the A12 iPhone9 in the fall of 2018。   Meanwhile, Apple also important to reduce the dependence of its graphics processor (GPU) supplier of ImaginationTechnologies。 In the field of autonomous power management chip, and Apple has gradually distanced themselves from dialogue partners, the media came news that Apple is dedicated to independent research and development of chip power management to enhance the battery life of iPhone。