Gemini 72 points Durant highs Thunder home win over the Nuggets opener

  Nuggets continue this trend, within a few degrees inside the basket strong play after the opening, while Chandler and Gallinari then hit third in succession, they wave 12-4 start, did not fear Division boss Thunder。 The last two in the regular season for both internal and Thunder Kendrick – Perkins conflict, the two forged a certain distance on this, the playoffs territories, two fiery collision, but better inner state, the first section there are eight points for Houston, the Nuggets led by as 13 points, 33-24 end of this section。   Regular season scoring Durant opening the general feeling, the first section 6 shots in only 2, but many times free throws, a single still 9 points for Houston。   Thunder counterattack expected, the second will be more than half, Westbrook third hit, Thunder to 43-47 behind only。
Nuggets in this section there are 2 minutes and 36 seconds time and widen the gap to 58-49, but Westbrook hit third again, the Thunder 10-2 to end a wave of this section, chasing the score 59-60 in one fell swoop。   After the first section of ups and downs, the Nuggets to recover lost ground at the end of the first half, the two sides back to the same starting line。
Durant struck the first blow in the second half, the third quarter continued his outside shot, hit three three-pointers all, when there are seconds in this section, he hit three-pointers after the third, the Thunder to 83-80 beyond。 Maynor also third succeeded at the end of this section, the Thunder to a 86-82 lead into the final。 Thunder this section cast a total of five three-pointers, a person would have Durant 14 points。   When more than half of the fourth quarter, leading the Thunder to 98-90。 Smith even scored three points with a fine cast, then he assists Nene, who dunk and cause foul, and "three-point play," succeeded, the Nuggets began a massive counter-attack。 This section there are 3 minutes 49 seconds, and again within the dunk, the Nuggets to exceed 99-98。
  Thunder failed to score nearly three minutes before the whistle 3 minutes 26 seconds to vote in Durant hit by the。
Sides of the battle is heating up, locked in a stalemate until the last minute。
Overall mediocre Perkins played the role at a critical moment, pointer with 1 minute 05 seconds after teammate shot, he grabbed offensive rebounds, tipped scoring directly, beyond the Thunder 102-101。
Pointer with 22 seconds after the shooting Westbrook, the Thunder leading by 3 points。   The Nuggets shot, had to foul, Durant hit two free throws, Thunder to 106-101 lead, this time only six seconds from the end of the game, the Nuggets unable to comeback。   Thunder starting lineup: Russell – Westbrook, Saab – Seve Rosa, Kendrick – Perkins, Kevin – Durant and Serge – Ibaka; Nuggets starting lineup: Wilson – Chandler, Thailand – Lawson, Nene – Hilario, Kenyon – Martin and Danilo – Gallinari。   (Angkor)。