Australian media: With millions of real estate tycoons Melbourne luckiest people in the east

  Article excerpts are as follows: Australia real estate research firm CoreLogic data show Kingsville Melbourne median house prices rose fastest growing neighborhoods in the past 10 years, the median price rose A $ million to A $ Wan。   In the ranking of the fastest price gains in Melbourne, neighborhoods in the eastern part of the dominant, where the median house price rose NottingHill AUD Wan, ForestHill rose A $ million and Vermont rose A $ Wan, Nunawading rose A $ Wan and Mitcham rose a $ Wan。
  At the same time in 10 years, the median price in Melbourne one million yuan into the neighborhood as well as Newport, OakleighSouth and Flemington。
  In this regard, business executives CoreLogic Victoria White (GeoffWhite), said Central to outer neighborhoods east of Melbourne, has been boosted further afield estate buyers, rather than within the city limits has been strong demand Buyer。   "In the street to buy a house buyers are usually looking for real estate in the eastern city of buyers, then they realize that these places prices higher than budgeted, for which they start thinking more outside the eastern neighborhoods of the periphery, as the next better replacement of。 "White said," the comfort of these neighborhoods, housing standards, construction, infrastructure and ease of shopping is also very good, for if the buyer can not afford one block of prices, then they'll just around the block looking for。
They think, 'here is not very far away from our original plan, more in line with our budget'。 "White stressed that many residents live in Kingsville and other neighborhoods in the past may have overlooked these neighborhoods is also a good place to live near the city center。