Baby can wear a down jacket down jacket you choose to pay attention

Baby you can wear a down jacket?Down in the winter a lot of people dress choice, but it is very warm, but you do know the baby can wear down jacket?The following night on the network to talk with you whether you baby can wear a down jacket。
Baby you can wear a down jacket 1, prone to allergic reactions we all know, the baby's body immunity is poor, even if the work no matter how good down jacket, the situation will have little fluff ran out the occurrence of these little fluff might be a baby delicate a stimulus to make the baby a rash, rash, and so on。In addition, small villi may also enter the baby's respiratory tract, causing your baby, wheezing, itchy throat and other symptoms。
2, causing the "baby muggy syndrome" human body has the ability to regulate body temperature, but this capacity is weak baby, and their bodies sweat poor heat dissipation function, relatively warm down jacket, the baby often wear a down jacket It may lead to excessive warmth, making the body temperature, inducing "infant muggy syndrome"。
This occurs "infant muggy syndrome", the baby will hypoxia, sweating, fever, dehydration, and even coma, respiratory failure and other symptoms, parents should not be taken lightly。
You can wear your baby down jacket How old baby wearing a down jacket for the baby because each individual has a quality difference, depending on how old the baby wearing a down jacket may be。In general, 3-year-old baby gradual improvement of physical development, the ability to regulate the immune system and also has some enhancements, so the baby to 3 years of age, can wear down jacket。
For 3 years old baby, in dress or in the texture of cotton-based。