Bi-linked financial bribed 15 people suspected of being illegal forced to adopt measures

June 23, according to the Shanghai Public Security Bureau Songjiang Branch (hereinafter referred to as "Songjiang Branch") official micro letter disclosed that recently, Songjiang Branch began to receive people's report said Choi Electronic Technology Co., Shanghai Alliance personnel suspected of crimes。Songjiang police have opened investigations according to the law, currently Zhang and other 15 suspects have been criminal compulsory measures according to law, the case is under further investigation。  Earlier there was news that, with Choi financial suspected mine explosion。Beijing Daily reporter found that there are already investors to establish a rights group, in addition, with Choi financial official website and applications are unable to access the situation appears。However, in the afternoon, with Choi financial official website and application are back to normal, but the platform's official website is still slow speed jump。  To solve this problem, with Choi financial investors responded that the platform has been stable operation。But by the Internet banking environment, financial investors appeared recently with bi centralized payment is more serious, there is also a run malicious happening。Bi-linked financial measures and will give a specific timeline on June 21 15:00 PM。Available until at 15:00 on the 21st, with Choi also did not announce financial solution。  Public information, United Bi Technology was established in 2012 with registered capital of 100 million yuan, paid-up capital of 100 million, is headquartered in Shanghai。According to information released by net loan-day eye view, with Choi financial on-line banking has yet Depository。In addition, Union Finance CEO Choi Jin Nong as the legal Choi Technology Co., Ltd. of Chengdu Union due by registered residence or place of business can not be contacted were included in operating anomalies。  Further reading after Don Kozo, and a high rebate platform with Choi financial problems。  "China Times" reporter has learned that Shanghai Alliance Choi Electronic Technology (Group) Co., Ltd. (joint bi financial operator of the subject company) has been the public security departments for investigation, filing reason is suspected of illegal deposits from the public。  Earlier, the net transfer of financial Bi Union issued to investors announced that the large environmental impact of the recent financial experience with bi malicious runs, said it would give specific measures before at 15:00 on June 21。However, June 21, United did not disclose financial bi-time payment scheme, but is so to the police。  Video investors to the newspaper show: the number of police officers in the upstairs office with some of the items boxed in science and technology bi transported to the police car pulled away, the same time, the staff of more than bi-linking technology with police the police car, police car then drove away。At present, the police in the scene to maintain order, some investors are registration information。  Bi-linked financial reason for concern, mainly because it is one of the four high return platform, the other three are much treasure, Ya-tang finance, Don Kozo。Qian Po network due to founder Zhang Xiaolei surrender ended, Ya-tang finance the winding-up earlier this year, the rest of the Tang Kozo before the Dragon Boat Festival "on the West", with the only remaining financial Choi could not escape the fate of the fallen。  It is worth mentioning that the joint bi announcement said, with good forest finance, continue to simmer Tang Kozo events, as well as some from the media to fan the flames, resulting in the spread of market panic mood。Kozo means Tang and other incidents led to a run on the storm。  High-return activities with Choi financial June 20 afternoon, some investors rushed to Bi-linked financial inquire about the news, his shooting video display, a joint bi finance staff are communicating with investors, the video, the work staff said, "Fiji News, also do not want to see because of this unexpected calamities associated bi serious negative run。"The morning of June 21, with bi finance official website and APP have been unable to access。In fact, the problem is not with the sudden financial Choi。June 19, the official had announced that the platform program will be held June 19 – June 20 for online operations equipment maintenance and repair of emergency BUG。  At the same time, customer service platform, said, "has now discuss relevant issues and Songjiang District Government, Finance Office, Development Zone and Fiji News。Data being verified, please be patient, we will be promptly informed of the latest developments。"United Bi finance official website shows, with Bi technology in 2014 founded the Internet banking division, and R & D efforts to develop Internet Banking platform, micro-channel version of the financial platform 'with bi-wallet' and APP products 'with bi finance' take born, capital of 100 million yuan of platform。  Business information, including financial shareholders with Bi Jin Nong (60% stake), Cai Shan Shanghai Information Technology Co., Ltd. (holding 10%), Ningbo Meishan Bonded Port melt bi equity investment partnership (10% stake) , on the pine cliffs information Technology Co., Ltd. (10%), information Technology Co., Ltd. on Bayshore snow (10% stake)。  According to the official website, with Choi financial financial products are mainly two, one is the current financial products "change plan", the current annual yield of 6.9%; one is a regular treasure bell, three-month and six-month two types of historical annualized rate of return of 10% and 12%, respectively。  Some media reports, the launch of the current financial Bi-linked products, money goes fast is Shanghai Heng Investment Advisory Co., Ltd. (hereinafter: Xun Heng Investment), business information, shareholders are fast Heng Wu Xuefeng investment (80% stake), Zhang static (20% stake)。  Meanwhile, the launch of products also includes "learning of the boss" (micro-channel mall, electronic menus, providing services to businesses), "learning of the bells" (scene service platform, similar to Pig Network), "Chi Qian Hui" (Digital Information / Electronic business platform)。  Bi cooperation with the agency, is one of Fiji News。Newspaper Reporter "Fiji News router", there will be labeled as "Jingdong Jingdong distribution in the search, comes?Code, dual Gigabit ", 399 yuan or 799 yuan router Fiji News。Customers responded that buy OUR Fiji News K2P router will be activated?Code, will receive the corresponding packs after activation is successful activities。In other words, users with bi finance, without having to spend a penny, White picked up a router Fiji News。  Newspaper learned that the United Bi problems, Haifei information data communication Technology Co., Ltd. issued the "Letter of instructions associated bi issues," said Fei news on partnerships with strategic partner Shanghai Choi of re-evaluation, to protect customers and the interests of users, Fiji News Fiji News decided to participate in joint marketing activities bi consumer commitment, it has sold Fiji News cooperation with the United Choi products?Honor code by a third party is responsible for contacting Fiji News。  From the case with Choi financial point of view, not only on-line bank depository, there is no access to mutual Guild letter Phi system, did not elaborate on executive information, security is still explicitly expressed its readiness to have been banned by the risk of gold principal and interest for investors to reveal all the details, carefully analyzing the investment risk is quite substantial。  During supervision must continue to set the threshold Dragon Boat Festival, registered in Shanghai's net loan platform, "Tang Kozo" finally mine explosion。  Information Shanghai police released by the Tang Kozo (business registration name is owned State MWE (Shanghai) Internet Financial Services Limited, is owned state gold dress, a wholly owned subsidiary) or involved in illegal fund-raising, has bribed public security organs, the case is investigation process。Don Kozo state-owned parent company headquarters has been sealed gold dress。  According TANG monk official network, claiming its central rate backdrop, the transaction amounted to 80 billion yuan。Choi is also linked with its similar high rebate, the reporter noted that Don Kozo almost every channel has wool activities。There is a activity rules that stand to vote 100 yuan back to 50 yuan, invested more than $ 100, check-in available every day 0.88 yuan。Don Kozo claims that its current product yield is 2 times the land of gold, and better mobility。In general, part of the platform to attract investors back to the current activities by experience。However, cash back activities Don Kozo has been difficult to obtain customer logic to explain。  Xue Hong Yan Su Ning, director of Institute of Finance, the Internet Center for Financial Research, said, "The reason why the rebate is called high platform, because the wool is too thick, at the operational level is not sustainable, so there are a lot of platforms have been fighting investor funds idea, obtain investor funds for rebates, start Ponzi scheme。Once the platform on the road to a Ponzi scheme, the problem is that sooner or later。"Don Kozo issued several related promotion in the official website and network channels, said it has been on the line in Zhejiang China and Thailand Commercial Bank Depository。State-owned parent company to publicize its gold clothes on the line Shanghai Bank Depository。But in fact, they are not on-line depository。In addition, Tang Kozo also suspected of many problems, including false standard, false propaganda。  Depository is the first threshold for all platforms compliance record, clear regulatory requirements, net loan platform must find a qualified bank as a financial depository institutions, depository mainly to avoid the self-financing and other platforms。  Insiders said that the current regulation is to set up all kinds of barriers, formation of various types of platform constraints, increase compliance costs, there must be financial awe, net loan promulgation two years, some platforms even the basic custody have not seen these platforms do not want to compliance, which on foot and there is a risk of the use of funds, to deal with these false depository, no strength depository clearing platform。(Source: China Times)