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Click here and both tumbled on the disk, the software blocks strong again, Rongke technological limit; in addition, brokerage, insurance and other sectors also showed tenacious。Iron and steel, coal and other cyclical industries decline in the forefront among the。As of press time, the main stock index fell 0.88% reported 2734.Point 77, GEM mean fell 0.95% reported 1550.72 points。  In news today: 1,2,3,4,5,6, today on the brokerage, he said the overall bearish market sentiment, short-term market volatility is inevitable bottom。  Huatai Securities: customer bearish market sentiment in general, have cut overall position。The majority of the broader market outlook is still looking to hit new lows, the view of the rebound is divided into two factions: the public offering are more agency believes that the market hit new lows, even if the rebound can not be involved, by reducing positions, only the profit consumer balanced configuration; Another risk appetite after high customer that the current market valuation at historic quarter of the interval, then held for a long time now to start gradually Opening, in the direction of the growth of medicine。0 considered published data and other incidents of concern。  Founder Securities: A share price fully reflects the market in the end, but to restore market confidence in a day, the more at the bottom, the more emotional and volatile, so the end is a disc out, not pop up, just make sure the market has long-term investment value, then they will not care about short-term fluctuations in the market。And then out of the market yesterday to adjust the trend, short-term is difficult to calm the market, short-term market volatility is inevitable bottom。Operationally, light index, heavy stock, bargain-hunting interest in electronics, new materials, artificial intelligence and bottom growth stocks, avoiding high above the stock or shares by the negative impact。  Shenwan Hong Source: Today's key recommendation Zemic, the company mastered the core technology of electric field strain measurement, active distribution of the downstream industry, military and civilian goods together and force the army to become the leading enterprises in the field of electrical measurement。Company under the China Aviation Industry Group, military services include on-board electrical measuring products, aviation distribution system, including civilian strain measuring and control services, intelligent transportation business。Long-term technical accumulation and deep industry boost power industry companies in the multi-point distribution of strain measured downstream to lay a strong foundation for the technical transformation and upgrading of the company's products。The company provides a complete solution for military and civilian use measurement and control products and systems for electrical strain measurement of leading enterprises in the field。  Chuan finance securities: As of July 4, all A-share companies disclosed a total of 1078 mid-year report 2018 profit warning, disclosure of 30.53%。Sub-sector point of view, disclosure of the motherboard 83, the disclosure of 4.39%; 91 GEM disclosure, disclosure rate 12.48%; 904 SME board disclosure, the disclosure of 99.23%, has been basically completed disclosure。According to the disclosed results notice, 2018, all shares of a mid-year report net profit growth of 30.27%, wherein the net profit growth board, small board, GEM 169, respectively.88%, 92.80%, 18.37%。Taking into account the disclosure of the SME board's mid-year report net profit year on year growth with strong sexual reference。By industry, oil, petrochemical, textile and clothing, basic chemicals, former light manufacturing, household appliances industry ranking relative to disclose rate, more than 40%。According to the disclosed results notice, the Bank finance, home appliances, retail trade, electronic 2018 reporting the results among the biggest gainers, respectively, 179.61%, 71.75%, 52.55%, 51.05%。