"Double" top shape market confidence frustrated

Black Thursday exponential impact on the market than expected severe, not only stopped falling Friday A-share counter the expected does not appear, but the two cities is to maintain the trend of weak shocks, at the same time, the after-effects of diving began to emerge in the disk。  The so-called "see around corners", from the typical trend of individual stocks can be roughly inferred current market sentiment and capital out of the will。Thursday afternoon a strong limit of the center line of cattle from large earthquakes experienced strong limit to the lower limit, the daily limit after the same example as well as the continuous limit, these short-term strength of the trend and both reflect the horror behind active funds in the venue perceived market risk after being accelerated departure。This can also be seen from the overall performance of the market clues, following the crash Thursday, Friday market as a whole to do more kinetic energy is a serious shortage, the amplitude of the main stock index was a mere 14 points, the two cities daily limit the number of natural stocks are also only 11, most of the stocks are maintained within plus or minus 1 point range fluctuations, which shows the rapid decline in market sentiment on Thursday after diving。  More specific from the disk, the funds get together and speculation is also very obvious characteristics, with most stocks remain within a narrow fluctuation difference is that centralized fund out of lithium batteries, household appliances and other sectors still have a few good popularity, which the most typical is the high transfer theme。Although Exchange strengthen the supervision of listed companies stepped up when inquiries sent to turn the plan disclosed, but performance support companies with dividend cash dividends in turn sent the launch plans for regulation in this way has been acquiescence, and by the funds will continue to favor。Bandung good as high turn sent shares in the pool leader, range or as high as 120%, the share price to new highs on Friday, and led, etc. have pre-send share limit。Thus, the annual market in the second half field, the high transfer is likely to continue to change the mix, carry the banner of the main line after the hot market time shares, investors can take advantage of the occasion index fell boldly seize the opportunity to bargain-hunting。  Looking to next week's trend, we believe that the current gradually clear of the "double" has been on top form to let the market confidence in the setback, the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates next week as the pace of asymptotic, external risks there may be rapid。In addition, after two sessions ended, with the exit and the "line 3 will be" a further escalation of the joint supervision of the financial operation of the maintenance of stability of power, A shares will face a less favorable short-term policy environment。So next week the market needed a pick up in the candle to reverse the current unfavorable situation, otherwise there may be further downwards movement。  Outlook judged famous view (original title: "double-headed" top shape market confidence in the setback) (Editor: DF319)