China's response Canadian dual photovoltaic products to China: Wang dialogue and consultations

China news agency, Beijing, March 17 (Reporters Dong Guan and Yang Shiyan) – Canada's preliminary decision to impose "dual tariff" on Chinese photovoltaic products, Chinese Ministry of Commerce spokesman Shen Danyang said in Beijing on the 17th, "I hope the relevant countries strengthen dialogue and cooperation and properly handle this kind of problem. "。He also pointed out that the Ministry of Commerce to encourage the production of photovoltaic enterprises to carry out investment cooperation abroad。  December 2014, Canada Border Services Agency for PV products in China officially launched the "double reverse" (anti-dumping, anti-subsidy) investigation。March 5 this year, Canadian imports from China PV modules and wafers "double reverse" made the preliminary ruling, respectively, including a number of Trina Solar, Jinko Solar, Suntech and other Chinese companies to levy from 9% 286%, ranging from "dual" tariff and will be in June this year on the 30th to make the final ruling。  "We're sorry。"Shen Danyang also stressed that" to resolve trade disputes through dialogue and consultation is China's consistent position, our attitude toward photovoltaic products trade friction is also true。"So far, the largest trade friction encountered cases of Chinese products is 2013 EU photovoltaic products launched 'dual' investigation, involving up to $ 20 billion。  Shen Danyang stressed that the case cited, the EU and China through active dialogue and consultation, and finally reached a "price undertaking agreement", successfully resolved the photovoltaic trade friction。"It's something amply demonstrated, as long as there is enough friction of the two sides sit down and talk sincerity, is the wisdom and the ability to better control trade friction."。  Turning to continuous fermentation of Sino-US trade friction Shen Danyang said it was regrettable that the United States adopt a series of "dual" measures against Chinese photovoltaic products, has seriously disrupted the development of the global PV industry chain, to which Chinese enterprises "very dissatisfied"。According to Shen Danyang, and now Chinese companies on the one hand ask the Chinese government in the WTO [microblogging] mention dispute settlement, on the other hand also consider lawsuit in the United States courts。  Prospects for the development of PV industry in China, Shen Danyang stressed that "we are optimistic."。He said the Ministry of Commerce to encourage innovative photovoltaic enterprises in international trade, to carry out cooperation in foreign investment in the production, gathering global innovation resources also achieved gratifying results, "We believe the Chinese PV industry seaworthy, quality and efficiency will continue to improve."。(Finish)