Marinated tofu teach you how to do the practice of authentic Jiangsu cuisine

Marinated tofu how to do that I believe a lot of friends all know that went to Jiangsu, marinated tofu is very tasty, not very authentic taste in other places, then marinated tofu how to do it together and go and see small series halogen juice tofu how to do it introduced!Marinated tofu how to do this recipe nutrients mg manganese, copper milligram, microgram selenium, mg of zinc, iron, mg, 88 mg magnesium, mg sodium, 99 mg potassium, 219 mg phosphorus, 299 mg of calcium, 40 micrograms carotene , grams of dietary fiber, grams of carbohydrates, fat grams, grams of protein, 151 calories card.1.A small non-stick, placed inside bean oil, fennel, red pepper (cut Sec) and Lee Kum Kee braised secret juice 2.Add a cup of water (usually drink the cup, about 250ml) 3.Fire, the material was stirred under slightly marinated tofu how to do 4.After transfection boil a small fire after the fire has been basically dries juice minutes, turn the fire, into white sesame, even stopped, all the juice dries, turn off the heat。 So far, 15 minutes, as long as the pot home, soy sauce and sugar, and no one can be made nutrition analytical tofu nutritious, containing a lot of protein, fat, carbohydrates, also contains a variety of mineral needed by the body of calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc. substance。 Tofu in the production process will add salt, cumin, pepper, aniseed, and other spices, both fragrant and fresh, long time to eat tire, known as "ham"。