What are the symptoms of conjunctivitis early?How effectively prevent conjunctivitis

Conjunctivitis have a greater impact on vision, need early detection and early treatment。Thus, taking advantage of the early symptoms of conjunctivitis is necessary, only by understanding the symptoms and have a better diagnosis and treatment of conjunctivitis。
So, what are the specific early symptoms of conjunctivitis in what follows will answer your。
1 early, early symptoms of conjunctivitis symptoms of conjunctivitis, conjunctival goblet cells can disappear, epithelial cells hyaline degeneration, sometimes visible pigmentation; then will gradually flattened epithelial thickening, cell were keratosis Shape。
Dry patch containing meibomian gland secretions, epithelial debris, fat, or dried Bacillus。2, early conjunctivitis conjunctival surface luster patient, and tends thickened keratinized tissue, resulting in dry skin appearance, such as sample, although not wetted by tears。
Stretch, dried, keratinized conjunctival epithelialization dryness and photophobia and other uncomfortable symptoms unbearable, while changing the conjunctiva of patients with conjunctivitis, corneal involvement will start epithelium drying, cloudy, and even lead to vision loss blindness。
3, Ectropion, eyelid incomplete, when the exophthalmos lagophthalmos, can cause localized and exposed keratitis sicca。The exposed parts of the eyelid, conjunctival congestion, dried, and keratosis thickening。
Such as the above similar symptoms, conjunctivitis is likely to be at play, it is recommended as soon as possible to the regular eye hospital diagnosed。
Daily how to prevent conjunctivitis conjunctivitis, prevention is greater than treatment。
Therefore, we usually do in life, be sure to protective measures。1, pay attention to personal hygiene, wash hands thoroughly before and after touching the eye。
Best not to touch the eye。2. Do not share towels or other household items with others, with running water and wash hands。
Do not touch the patient used wash utensils, handkerchiefs and healing through the use of medical devices。3, do not use a towel to wipe her face restaurant supply, so as to avoid the towel is not clean and disinfect infected with pink eye。
As shown, do not share with others a eye drops, eye medicines, eye cosmetics and other eye medicines or supplies may touch 4。Do not use the method group eyedrops to prevent eye disease。
5, conjunctivitis patients should be appropriate barrier, try not to go to public places, ban to a public swimming pool to prevent infection of others。6, the high incidence of conjunctivitis, public taps, escalator handrails, doorknobs, phones, appliances, toys, etc. should pay attention to disinfection。
Wash your hands after touching the computer keyboard, avoid eye rubbing, rubbing the face, especially those who use the keyboard to use。