Our plans to launch commercial satellites of Things

In many cities share the popularity of cycling, sometimes encountered a dilemma: If the network to the ground station can not cover, it is difficult to use; many of our important overseas assets, such as overseas construction machinery, offshore drilling platforms, oil and energy ocean cruise line and the like, for effective real-time control thereof can not be completely achieved。 All this requires a strong global network to support data。 Science and Technology Daily reporter from the Chinese Academy of Sciences XIOPM was informed a few days ago by the invested enterprise incubators – satellite program launched nine days MSI has officially launched, including an attempt to solve the above problems caused by the limitations of the network and open up new service areas。
The plan marks the start of commercial space to start a new exploration model。 February 2 this year, China's first satellite educational share "Young Star One" equipped with a Long March 2D launch in Jiuquan, get attention at home and abroad, and companies responsible for the overall development and testing of the satellite, it is Ninth Heaven MSI。
"Single-profit and commercial policies to stimulate the country, is difficult to effectively promote the development of commercial space。
"Intellectual Property Director of Operations at the Chinese Academy of Sciences XIOPM Caohui Tao told reporters, has come the era of commercial space。
In order to seize the initiative in our space-based facilities LEO basis of information provided to users worldwide Things narrowband and broadband Internet access services, XIOPM with its scientific research and technology accumulation, especially in the forefront of technology in the field of laser communications , to take the lead in exploring research institutions and entrepreneurial team combines commercial space model, expect to be able to create commercial space forces internationally competitive。 XIOPM investment hatch nine days MSI was founded in June 2015。
Small companies grasp the overall satellite design, development and critical load core networking technologies, focusing on innovative applications of small satellite constellation and network operators to "Satellite Internet of Things" and "Space and Space + STEAM education," the two-wheel drive business, It is the first domestic company from satellite design, application development to form a closed loop business。 The company developed the "Young Star One" was successfully launched on February 2, is operating successfully, country and more campus monitoring stations successfully received the signal, follow the orderly conduct of the test。 Reporters learned that, nine MSI plans to launch later this year a stone's throw seven "Ladybug Series" to verify M2M communications key technologies and multi-satellite network capacity, and carry out commercial trial operation。 Seven stone "Ladybug Series" covers R & D, frequency coordination, launch permit, on-orbit operations, is currently the largest and complexity of the commercial space area of China's top private commercial pilot project。
To ensure the future of things users low-cost, low-power and reliable connection, nine MSI is working with optical load XIOPM launched cutting-edge technology research and development cooperation。
(Science and Technology Daily)。