Liang Wannian, deputy director of full-time Medical Reform Office: when health reform is not completed only be | health care reform

    Since mid-2009 launch, the new medical reform has been advanced for a decade, the past year, the biggest move the new medical reform is implemented throughout the comprehensive reform of public hospitals, the abolition of all drug addition, "drugs make doctors" to exit the stage of history , how to protect the income of doctors?Full-time deputy director of the "face to face" interview of the State Council Medical Reform Office, Secretary Wei Liang Wannian, State Planning Commission reform will have to answer this question。   The new medical reform biggest move abolition of all drugs plus 2 March 2018, the CPPCC National Committee thirteenth meeting press conference at the Great Hall floor press room held a General Assembly spokesman said in answering a reporter's question, new the 10-year health care reform, significant progress, deepening medical reform to bring more people to get a sense of。 This past year, the biggest move the new medical reform is implemented throughout the comprehensive reform of public hospitals, the abolition of all drug addition。
"Drug Addition" policy is a difficult period in China since the 1950s of last century practiced, it was of positive significance。 But in a rapidly changing economic and social development, the "drugs make doctors" gradually evolved into a profit-driven mechanism。 Prescription, infusion, misuse of antibiotics and other problems have become increasingly serious, pushing up medical costs, weakened the public welfare of public medical institutions。
Comprehensively promote the comprehensive reform of public hospitals, the core is the mechanism to get rid of the "drugs make medical"。 As of the end of September 2017, all the country's public hospitals to cancel drug addition, the implementation of zero profit drug sales。
  Reporter: Now do not let this put together with a drug addition, the original rely on this income to make up?  Liang Wannian: Currently on the surface term overall national decrease of about 80% is adjusted by the addition of services to make up for the price。   8 departments jointly issued a circular flow of drugs out of water during January 2017, a notice of the State Council Medical Reform Office in conjunction with the National Health and Family Planning Commission 8 departments jointly issued a clear, comprehensive health care reform pilot provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) and public the hospital reform pilot city public medical institutions should take the lead in the implementation of drug procurement "two votes" system, "two-vote system" refers to drugs from pharmaceutical companies sell invoices once a dealer, the dealer sold the hospital once again open invoices, by compressing the circulation of drugs, the intermediate increase transparency and further promote lower drug prices artificially high。
  Liang Wannian: The key is too much water circulation, too many links, so the implementation of two-vote system。   Reporter: If the center does play tricks on the invoice?  Liang Wannian: transparent, two tickets must at the same time, I can purchase acceptance。 For example, in Beijing this past drug production, direct buy Beijing Hospital, the manufacturers of the drug can not be bought, can run out of turn and come back after a few laps, the drug did not move in the warehouse, opened a few votes out after a dollar the drug becomes 7 yuan 10 yuan, which is the circulation of money laundering, money washed out on promotion to breed the medical representative。   How to solve the income of medical workers is too low?  China's medical reform has touched the core of the hospital – a source of income and income distribution pattern。
Although the price of medical services is gradually adjusted, but the premise of "public welfare" in the interests of the distribution mechanism of the hospital can not reflect the social value of health workers。 Low income health care workers is a common problem has been。
  Liang Wannian: Why international doctors generally prefer to use the annual salary system, give him a ceiling, this post so much money, as long as you work hard you can get so much money, but you do wrong I examine you, down subtract, so doctors in general behavior is normal, I earnestly perform their duties on the job, then I am so much money, his expectations are fixed, so all of his prescription behavior Ye Hao examination there will be no deviation。   Our country is now this situation to give you a floor that is your basic income, the income of the general public institutions so much, but do not know how much above that each doctor a prescription open each do a check, he'll think of me how much money could get, how control this behavior are unable to control him, so some scholars say, if the doctor did not manage this pen, you certainly health care reform can not succeed, but you will manage two doctors pen means one is the pay, you give him a piece of expectations, you can not let him go earn much, he earned more fat, the more, the second is Medicare payments, so that all inspection and examination to become drugs costs, these logic save space on the price, so the price along, the doctor surgery doctor surgery, he should be able to earn money, and that they return to the hospital functional orientation, and this is a big reform of logic。
  When not completed when health care reform is only carried out in mid-2009 launch of a new round of medical reform is now entering its tenth year, Liang Wannian, said the past 2017 year after year for the health care reform implementation years, to have entered the "deep end" of the new medical reform, the future still there are many issues and problems need to crack。
  Reporter: I do not know how you think, now that medical treatment is difficult and expensive, do not want to go to the hospital, was a trip to the hospital with the same crime, this complaint is this feeling come and go, how do you think the community has also accompanied by reforms to forward complaints?  Liang Wannian: In fact, this dissatisfaction and complaints are also a driving force of our reforms, the goal of the reform is to meet people's needs and demands, but can not be achieved, is to have the practice is phased-in, so I can understand people in particular Some dissatisfaction or complain about some of the new, old and new problems to solve the problem, this is a reform process cycle, so always on the road, not only be completed when。