Chinese Brazilian culture spread Acupuncture: Chinese medicine to Chinese new "international card"

The picture shows the acupuncture needles applied to the scene。   Source: Vision China "Once upon a reference to the representative of Chinese culture abroad is martial arts, acupuncture is now becoming one of China 'international business card'。
"Over the years committed to the promotion of Chinese culture overseas acupuncturist Song Nanhua say, when people feel the magic of Chinese traditional medicine, we know this is the 'Kung Fu Kung Fu'。 Dissemination of Chinese culture Song Nanhua native of Yunnan Lincang, twenty years, he spared no effort in Brazil to promote the culture of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture pushing Brazil into the mainstream health care system。
Not only is he the first to get Western medicine physician practicing certificate in Brazil Chinese acupuncturist, is the first Chinese to obtain new Ren Yuanshi Latin American countries in the Human Sciences。 Won reputation at home and abroad numerous Songnan Hua said, "These honors are recognition and affirmation of traditional Chinese medicine is acupuncture spread recognition of my culture, but also a spur。 "Mid-1995, Song Nanhua set foot on land in Brazil。
"Brazil is a nation of immigrants, foreign high cultural acceptance, of the Brazilian TCM awareness and love is also beyond my imagination。 "For this reason, Song Nanhua have left the idea spread Chinese culture in Brazil。
TCM "name" because there is no local practitioner certificate to practice medicine, acupuncture is classified as cosmetic Barber same property services sector, Song Nanhua can only be called "technicians", which makes intent to promote Chinese culture in Brazil of Song Nanhua stuck and sad。 "Only recognized mainstream society and mainstream medicine, traditional Chinese culture in order to show local success。
"Song Nanhua decided by local doctors qualifying examination for Chinese medicine 'rectification of names'。
The language barrier, not full-time study, the survival pressure……Song Nanhua took nine years, after three exam passed the qualification certificate Western medicine physician。 Since then, he justifiably considered to practice medicine in Brazil。
In practice more than twenty Brazil, Song Nanhua medicine through word of mouth, so many Brazilians to experience the magic of traditional Chinese medicine。 "My youngest patient was a big six-month baby boy, plagued by constipation, stomach distended like volleyball as big as his mother Oliveira Although it is well-known pediatrician, but could do nothing for their children。 "Song Nanhua said Oliveira try holding the idea of children come for treatment after he was diagnosed, the infant lung arm gently tie the two needles, two hours later, the baby began to defecate。 "Since then, acupuncture Oliveira became the 'spokesman', wherever the good publicity of Chinese medicine, acupuncture and start learning。
"The Brazilian doctors into the health insurance system of 'endorsement' effect, like acupuncture as immediate, Song Nanhua medicine and rapid promotion fame and recognition in the Brazilian society, patients come for treatment of ordinary people not only in Brazil, there are many "VIP"。 Song Nanhua said with a smile, before Brazilian Defense Minister Alberobello due to lumbar disc received praise after acupuncture treatment, through his recommendation, many Brazilian government officials have come here especially, his clinic was once known as "high-Brazil dry ward "。 Song Nanhua said that the current acupuncture be incorporated as an effective treatment to the national health care system in Brazil; 260 Yujia Gong Hospital established acupuncture department; many Medical School also offers courses of traditional Chinese medicine theory。 Song Nanhua know, now acupuncture to achieve such hard-won situation in Brazil is the result of the tireless efforts of my colleagues in the majority of Chinese medicine。
He said he will continue to traditional Chinese medicine can become an important part of the world of mainstream medicine's efforts to make life。
"People's Daily Overseas Edition" (edition on January 12, 2018) Editor: Lirui Chen, Fei Fan。