Body detoxification day schedule late at night will accumulate toxins

Body detoxification day is what kind of timetable?Our bodies accumulate toxins, but our bodies will automatically detoxification, then you know that the body detox day schedule yet?Following small to tell you the body detox day schedule。
Body detoxification schedule a day every day at 9:00 pm?11:00, when the body's lymphatic drainage process, the immune system is active, you should calm down, listen to music, make yourself as much as possible to keep quiet。 In this way the immune system will be completed very smoothly detoxification work so increase your immunity。 11:00 pm?1:00, liver detoxification start。
You should be asleep, not stay up late, then you do not sleep, your liver will therefore be tired, will certainly be damaged, you must pay attention to ah。 1:00 AM?3:00, is the gall bladder detox time。 At this point we should continue to sleep, in order to facilitate liver and gallbladder detoxification。
Midnight to 4:00 am, it is the human spinal cord blood must sleep, do not stay up late ah!Body detoxification day schedule 3:00 am?5:00, people began to detox the lung, usually people cough, cough at this time would worsen。 However, it should not take cough medicine immediately。
So as to suppress the rapid discharge of waste sediments lung。
In the morning 5:00?7:00, is the human large intestine detoxification time, this time is your best time on the toilet。
If you do not have a bowel movement, it shows you do not have a normal place, it needs to go to the hospital to see the。
Check exactly what went wrong。 7:00 am?9:00, to the people of the small intestine to absorb large quantities of nutrients the time。 Prior to this, you should eat breakfast。 Otherwise, you will lack nutrition day。
People treat the disease is best to eat before 6:30; health of the people can eat before 7:30。
Advise those not used to eating breakfast with friends, be sure to develop a good habit of eating breakfast every day, even dragged after 9:00 also eat。