BP's $ 18.7 billion oil spill settlement hit record Pollution Compensation

Jin Jin Ying Ying Shu Shu newspaper reporters in Beijing after five years, British Petroleum (hereinafter referred to as "BP") finally agreed to $ 18.7 billion cost, the end of years of litigation disputes caused by the Gulf of Mexico oil spill。$ 18.7 billion (about 116 billion yuan) of the high price, but also refresh the environment pollution cases in US history, a single company was fined a record。  July 2, the US Gulf of Mexico to Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida in five states also announced the formal settlement agreement with BP $ 18.7 billion。BP agreed to pay compensation totaling $ 18.7 billion to the five continents and 400 local government bodies in the next 18 years to compensate for the loss of life and environmental damage caused by the Gulf of Mexico oil spill。  Occurred on April 20, 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill, BP for companies is tantamount to a nightmare。BP was leasing the "Deepwater Horizon" offshore drilling platform explosion and leak in the Gulf of Mexico waters, accidents resulting in 11 deaths staff。According to reports, about 300 million barrels of crude oil continued to leak for 87 days and nearly 1,500 kilometers of coastline polluted, local fishing and tourism are affected, the United States "in the history of the most serious oil spills at sea."。Subsequently, BP company into a five-year environmental litigation dispute。  BP official website announced on the 2nd of this total of $ 18.7 billion principal terms of the settlement agreement。Under the agreement, BP America first "Clean Water Act" to pay a civil penalty of $ 5.5 billion over the next 15 years based; secondly, the next 15 years, BP had to pay $ 7.1 million to the federal government and the nature of the five states environmental damages; the next 18 years, five other claims against the state to pay $ 4.9 billion in damages; another $ 1 billion to resolve claims raised by local government bodies 400; in addition, BP has agreed to pay 2.$ 3.2 billion for 15 years after the end of the period (not yet found) environmental damage。  BP chairman Carl-Henric Svanberg (Carl-Henric Svanberg) of the above-mentioned settlement agreement, said the settlement agreement is reached, disputes between oil companies and the Gulf of Mexico is about ending this means。Svanberg said: "We have made significant progress, agreement solves the biggest remaining legal risks of the company, and gives a clear price compensation, and to ensure that the parties can get compensation。Five years ago, we promised to restore the Gulf of Mexico's economy and environment, and since then we have been trying to achieve this commitment。"The settlement was announced, BP shares in London immediately climbed 5.3%, the industry believes that, out of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill environmental litigation quagmire, BP can be a new beginning。  But there are Reuters and other media reported that the current uncertain how BP will raise this astronomical fines。Prior to BP oil spill has stripped billions of dollars in assets。