Summer Diet Tips summer appetizer dish to eat

Summer diet summer diet little knowledge of what is more crucial, hot weather, many people could not eat。 So, there is little knowledge of what summer diet, what to eat good food with summer 6681 and summer Xiaobian to look at the introduction of diet little knowledge of it!Summer Diet Tips 1, light-based diet summer diet to light, bitter cold, nutrient-rich, easy to digest food better, not to eat sticky foods to avoid gastrointestinal obstruction, at the same time, not too hungry fed。 The hot summer heat, high temperature wet weight, suffer the taste of food can Qingxie heat, but also the spleen, increase appetite。 Such as cucumbers, salad, sweet and sour, "and my heart the United States", Laocu peanuts, radish skin salad, lettuce salad, garlic eggplant dish is a good adorned。
2, water melons should eat more than nature has its own laws, hot, we sweat more, large water loss, while the rich summer melons in many vegetables, melons and water than vegetables, water up to 90%。
From the beginning of April and May, cucumber, bitter gourd and so on will be listed, the price will be relatively inexpensive, these seasonal vegetables, eat very good。
3, multi-cooked food, less cold summer diet Tidbits summer season, people tend to like raw fruits, seafood and other foods。
It is worth noting that the high summer temperatures, easy to breed a variety of bacteria and parasites, if not pay attention to food hygiene, especially in the "three noes" stalls to eat unhealthy food, it may be infected。
4, eat more vinegar day hot spots sweat more, eat more vinegar can also increase the concentration of acid to help digestion and absorption, stimulates the appetite。
Vinegar also has a strong antibacterial activity, have a preventive effect against typhoid, dysentery and other intestinal infectious diseases。 Hot days, people fatigue, drowsiness discomfort, eat a little vinegar, benefit from fatigue, keep plenty of energy。