"Fortune" published the list of the most influential business leaders topped Ma

Night network, nightlife network Finance YORK, April 10 pm news, "Fortune" magazine today published the Chinese version of the 2015 "China's 50 most influential business leaders" list, the Chairman of the Board of Alibaba Jack Ma [microblogging ] topped the list, followed by Tencent chairman Pony Ma, chairman Ren Zhengfei, Huawei ranked third。  In 2014, Alibaba [microblogging] listed on the first day the market value of the New York Stock Exchange, or more than US social networking giant Facebook, but also more than Amazon and eBay [microblogging] the sum, as the world's first second only to Google two major Internet companies。Alibaba now encompasses all areas of e-commerce, finance, O2O, education, tourism, the process of globalization has also further extension Zhang。Ma has been using the "ecosystem" to describe the true value of the Ali Baba。2015, Ma has greater ambitions。  With the "Internet +" has become a new concept in the new normal political and business circles are preferred, located in the center of the topic Ma has repeatedly referred to the Internet should be seen as the power of the second industrial revolution, superimposed on innovation in other industries after allowing more areas to create change。Aggressive strategy than in the past, Tencent now more focused on their own for the "basic architectural services"。   The following is the 2015 "China's 50 most influential business leaders" complete list: 1 Chairman Jack Ma, Alibaba Group board of directors 50 years of age and CEO of Tencent Ma 2 43 3-year-old Ren Zhengfei, Huawei CEO Yang Yuanqing 70 years old 4 5 50-year-old Dong Mingzhu Gree Electric chairman and CEO of Lenovo Group Chairman [microblogging] the Board of directors and Chief Executive Officer 6 60-year-old Song Zhiping, chairman of China National Building Material Group 59-year-old Lei Jun 7 [microblogging] millet Technology [microblogging] founding man, 45-year-old chairman and CEO Wang Jianlin Dalian Wanda 8 [microblogging] 9 Ma Mingzhe, chairman of Ping An Insurance 60-year-old chairman and chief executive Neil Shen, 59, 10 [microblogging] global managing partner of Sequoia capital 47-year-old man Liu Qiang tokyo 11 East Group Chairman and Chief Executive Officer 41 12-year-old Yu Liang, president of Vanke Co., Ltd. Liu, 49, 13 tree China Sinochem [microblogging] 62-year-old company chairman Li Dang 14 China General technology ( Group) holding Co., Ltd. Director and General Manager Zhang Jindong, Suning Appliance 58-year-old 15 52-year-old chairman Robin Li, Baidu Chairman and CEO 16 46 17 Zhang Ruimin of Haier Group Chairman of the Board, chief Executive 66-year-old officer 18 Bandung Shuanghui Group Chairman Li Shufu, Geely Holding 19 75-year-old chairman Jiang Jianqing, 20, 52, 62-year-old chairman of Commercial Bank of China Yan Kai, 21, and 55-year-old founder of the Pacific Construction Group 22 Chen Dongsheng, chairman and CEO of Taikang Life Insurance, 57 years old Chairman Xu India 23 Hengda Real estate Board of directors of Bank of China Tian Guoli, 56, 24, chairman Fu Chengyu, 25 and 55 years, chairman of China petroleum & Chemical Corporation 63-year-old president of CIMC 26 Boliang 56 years old 27 Wangwei Shun Feng [microblogging]-speed transport (Group) Co., Ltd., founder and president of 44-year-old chairman Li River Jun 28 Hina Holdings Board of directors Wei Jianjun, 47, 29, Great Wall Motor [microblogging] chairman Zhang Ping Wei, 51, 30, 69, 31 bridge venture chairman Patrick Yu, chairman of COFCO 57-year-old Xi Guohua, China mobile 32 [micro-Bo] 63-year-old chairman of Shanghai automotive Group chairman Chen Hong, 33, 54, 34 Zong [microblogging] Wahaha Group chairman Chang Zhenming 35 70-year-old chairman of CITIC Group, Hong Qi, 36, 58, China Minsheng Bank chairman 58 years old 37 LinZuoMing China aviation industry Group chairman Gao Jianping, 38, 57, 55, chairman of Societe Generale Bank 39-year-old Liu Mingzhong emerging Jihua Group chairman Wang, 56, 40 silver Granville international [Microblogging] music as the founder of the 69-year-old Wu Yajun Lake real estate 42 Executive Director and Chairman of the Board Chairman of the 46-year-old Shen Wenrong 41 Shagang Group Board of Directors Chairman of the Board 51 43-year-old Sheng Baijiao Belle Group CEO, 62-year-old Jia Yueting 44, chairman of the board 45 ants and CEO Peng Lei, chief executive of financial services 42 years old, 42-year-old co-founder of Alibaba Luo Jun 46 passers-home network co-founder and CEO Zhang Xin, 47, 47 [microblogging] SOHO China CEO, 49 years old 48 Shen Guojun China Yintai investment Co., Ltd. chairman Michael Yu, 52, 49 [microblogging] new Oriental Education & Technology Group, chairman of Huayi Brothers chairman Wang Jun, 50, 52, 55 years old