"In the name of your youth" Mayday launch triggered a wave of nostalgia

  "High sugar sweet pet" Caesar dog food, pay tribute to the creative youth play a new standard conference, Yang Xianghua, Yao Fung Kwan, 许珮珊, Wangxiu Xian and other creative team on "to you in the name of youth" involved "high-sugar sweet pet cure" and other concepts are explained one by one。 Director and screenwriter on the stage itself is also very cute, screenwriter said he is responsible for Meng Chong, the director responsible for blessing a sense of steady, with perfect each other。
As iQIYI first opened in TV serials, member benefits can breath Behind the Scenes Episode 12 positives, this bold and generous move, enough to demonstrate absolute confidence in the quality of。   Senior Vice President iQIYI Yang Xianghua said iQIYI user base is mainly to younger, they come from the youth, this type of play to get everyone's sympathy。 Screenwriter Wangxiu Xian said he is very fairy tale tone to present, the form of flashbacks, tells us that youth in the good will eventually gone, but it left his courage and conviction will be later in life continue to encourage their forward。   The "to you in the name of youth" Whether general producer or director, is from the script stage began to follow up the project, the more boldly new, let the young actors to reveal your true youthful, according to executive producer Yao Fung Kwan said that the choice before and after the actor spent a total of about a week's time, are more or less acted in other plays performed before these actors themselves are very good people, but they can also has not been fully tapped, we hope that through this drama can deliver more outstanding younger actor for the entire industry, to train a new basis in line with the story on the increase in fresh blood。   Even Chen Xiang Li said the confession scene as the ideal type of ink, brothers CP caused the crowd exclaimed subsequent starring interactive session, but directly to the girl heroine Xu heart of the "log" to go to the scene, not only as an important advance unveils the drama props "gossip Notepad," Xu also made little secret heart for the first time made public。
Li Mo himself as the owner of the diary, but this screaming envy, because of his youth and there is no such romantic experience。 Li Mo's Chen Xiang even broke even in private life Mensao side, actually in the car singing, dancing, take the car back when people were on the show, a variety of performances in front of the ink, and the ink is "forced to become a director." , even photographed in charge of Chen Xiang, a variety of "handsome pose"。
  In order to meet Lee ink of the girl's mind, even the actor Chen Xiang scene spread mad dog, call each other "husband", "wife", the male temperament man was about to overflow the stage, the host shouted, "can not stand", people really a little heart pounding, even Chen Xiang also said the play compared to Xu heart, the reality of the ink Lee is his ideal type。   Turning to the characters, even the Chen Xiang said, the play starred with drama had been the biggest difference is that with a realistic, not to set their own limits on the road of his career, even wanted to challenge some of the homeless camp or a kind of role neuropathy。 Li Mo's said that he was quite want to challenge this kind of role Dua, repair, because their usual character more trouble, the interpretation of a calm person who, acting on their own would be a challenge, I hope to be a major breakthrough。   In addition to male and female, and even Chen Xiang partner, good friend and actor Xu Jia Wei M II, is to usurp the "style", with the male host of brotherhood is that of a male and female, but the emotional drama of it, in a large field play guess the lyrics, Xu Jia Wei repeatedly grabbed the microphone but forgot the lyrics, only fined drink lemon juice, Xu Jia Wei and Chen Xiang, even taking pains, even playing drink wedlock, leaving women inside silently next to drink "a people's ups and downs ", that in the end who is and who is the real CP, probably only in love Fantastic Art announced the answer。
  Mayday lead to new nostalgic atmosphere, great coffee to help fight CALL believe crazy to read the small theater partners will find that the play there are many Mayday songs, the public has been highly anticipated OST Mayday episode and also this event the answer song game session we opened the curtain。
This can chose to work with Mayday, also we believe that this music is more common to evoke memories of youth。   Not only that, to work together in the "Youth carrier" band Mayday personally help the play, in addition to force a blessing, A letter I even joked, "Maybe this show will not only take you recall ever youth, will take more you recall that each love "。
In addition to Mayday, iQIYI recent hit "idol trainee" popular players Cai Xu Kun, Fan Chengcheng, Chen Linong, who is also the film to warm up "to you in the name of youth" sent a collective blessing, not only fit call you even the sweet promises, "I have to accompany you to see together" to you in the name of youth "," with the strength to help out high value small Yan brother, "high-sugar sweet pet" of sticky index soared。   The "to you in the name of youth" theme tune for sex, love Fantastic Art in the audience aired on select theater is fantastic。 And iQIYI intends to launch the first Internet theater – "Love Youth Theater", concentrating on the younger user groups love theme, with iQIYI unique "youth Methodology" to create a new youth, a new production, a new model of "super theater"。