How diet eyelid twitching eyelids jump a common cause

how is it?Life, many people have had the experience twitching eyelids, in fact, through some diet can also improve, then you know how therapeutic it twitching eyelids?Following small to talk with you exactly how diet twitching eyelids。
How eyelid jump diet (1) Sang Ju thin bamboo drink: mulberry leaf, chrysanthemum 5 grams, 3 grams, bitter leaves, rhizome 30 grams。
10 minutes with open blisters tea drinking with the times。 It has a role in dispersing heat, Liver eyesight。
(2) drug chicken sand: Astragalus 30?60 grams of a fresh chicken, Amomum, each 15?20 grams。
The chicken to the hair gutted wash, into the abdominal astragalus, Amomum, yam hekou。
Micro simmer into overripe, fractional meat, soup thirsty。 Can Qi and blood, spleen appetizer。
(3) pigeon stew: Gastrodia 10 grams, a dove。
Gastrodia was charged to wash the inside of the belly pigeons, seasoned Dunlan, a daily consumption of。
Can Qi and blood, Xifeng antispasmodic。 (4) Coix lentil soup: 30 g Coix, fried lentils 15 grams, 10 grams brown sugar, amount。 A total of porridge with water, add brown sugar before eating for breakfast and dinner。
Spleen dampness, Huoxuetongluo。
How diet eyelid twitching eyelids jump Common Cause 1, stay up late fatigue。
Because twitching eyelids patients from seeking treatment in nine out of ten are unexplained; and many patients before twitching eyelids few days, staying up there overwork cases, this may result in muscle fatigue, resulting orbicularis muscle and mention eyelid muscle imbalance, an abnormal enlivened。