The peanut Renmadelin how do you do to teach authentic French cuisine

Peanut Renmadelin how to do France is a romantic country, I believe many people go to France is not only tourism, but also to France to taste the local cuisine, then how do together the peanut Renmadelin and small series to see peanut Renmadelin describes how to do it!Peanut Renmadelin how to do Ingredients list: 4 eggs, 200 grams of flour, 135 grams of butter, 135 g sugar, lemon zest 1, peanuts grated lemon night plus sugar plus Stir chopped peanuts about marinated for 10 minutes or so, incense。 (Lemon with a plane can dig down to the skin night) 2.Adding four eggs, 3.Stir hand pump showing a state of small bubbles (also possible with electric mixer) 4.Sift the cake flour into bowl 5.Stirring was continued evenly。
6.Peanut butter small fire to melt Renmadelin how to do 7.Batter was poured, with rapid stirring along the edge of the basin, must take fully stirred into the batter butter。 8.The piping bag fitted with a good squeeze the batter enrollment kitchen even 12 gold cup non-stick Japanese Madeleine mold (mold do not brush oil, no wine powder, easily stripping) 9.DF into the lower oven 180 degrees for 25 minutes to preheat prior to baking for 3 minutes, then placed。
10.Without baking powder can explode bulging Madeleine。