Uterine fibroid patients should pay attention to what the six warning symptoms of gynecological diseases

Uterine fibroids after uterine fibroids to pay attention to what is a common female gynecological diseases, most women would choose surgical treatment, then after that the women pay attention to what matters it small series to introduce six may cause symptoms of gynecological diseases, female friends, these symptoms have to worry about oh!After Note 1 patients with uterine fibroids, routine skin care and general surgery of uterine fibroids after a woman's beauty does not make any difference, regular lifestyle, healthy eating habits, regular, routine maintenance is the way science。 Eat less fats and oils, fried foods like smoked。 2, uterine fibroids high iron content of food if there is anemia, eat, such as liver,,,, seaweed, etc.。 Eat more vegetables, fruits, especially tomatoes。
But also on exercise and maintain a happy mood。 3, uterine fibroids surgery is inappropriate to eat。
Usually after flatus start drinking a little water, without discomfort, eat liquid food, such as rice soup, vegetable soup, etc., then gradually transition to a soft diet and regular food。 4, uterine fibroids surgery, if it is the elderly and infirm, should eat liquid, semi-liquid food, in order to facilitate digestion, such as lotus root starch, such as orange juice, or choose lean meat or fish soup, both to ensure nutrition can increase appetite, the patient will recover soon。 If the patient is poor nutritional status, diet generally can not meet the nutritional needs of a number of high-energy full of nutrients can be oral preparations。 5, uterine fibroids eating regular meals, not overeating。
Adhere to a low-fat diet, eat more lean meat,, green vegetables, fruits, etc.。
Eat nutritious dried foods such as sesame seeds, melon seeds; generally speaking, barley, and so has the role of food for the contraction of the uterus uterine fibroids, the development is not so much。
Uterine fibroids after uterine fibroids to pay attention to what patients after eating a luxurious 1, first eating certain time is premature, generally after 6 hours after surgery the patient should eat nutritious, easy to digest food。