Leftovers with a large number of bacteria may cause cancer watching you dare eat (1)

  Many people think that, in order to avoid waste, leftovers can be heated before eating。But the study found that, after re-heating leftovers to eat hard to digest, a long time may also cause stomach problems。
The following are the dangers of eating leftovers……Food poisoning leftovers stored in a refrigerator for a long time, staph toxin Salmonella, halophilic bacteria, pathogenic E. coli and other common bacteria such as Staphylococcus or pollution。
As directly from the refrigerator to eat out, or not sufficiently heated before eating, can lead to food poisoning, patients have fever, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, severe cases of dehydration, acidosis, or shock。
  After malnutrition leftovers after repeated heating or repeated brewing with boiling water, vitamin C, B vitamins and other water-soluble vitamins almost disappeared, most of the minerals also will be lost, such as regular consumption of these foods, easily constitution decline, malnutrition diseases。
The elderly, children or patients, like eating leftovers worse, the body more harm than good。
  Loss of appetite leftovers after a period of placement, color, flavor and can not maintain the original level, coupled with the high temperature frying, it may beyond recognition, into a pile of soft, dark, poor taste hodgepodge, eat such a meal would people loss of appetite, lose the fun of eating。
  Increased cancer leftovers content of nitrite, will gradually increase with the storage date, and the nitrite is a strong carcinogen, regular consumption of leftovers, would increase the risk of digestive system cancers of stomach cancer, esophageal cancer, liver cancer, etc. sex。  Lead to obesity in daily family meal preparation often exceed the amount of actual needs, afraid to waste barely swallow, leading to overeating。Such as long-term energy intake than the body actually needs, over time it can lead to obesity。
Extremely obese people susceptible to diseases of affluence hypertension, hyperlipoproteinemia, coronary heart disease, diabetes, gallstones, cancer, etc., affect people's quality of life, shortened life expectancy。
  The main component contained in the rice easy to stomach we eat are starch, starch by salivary amylase in the oral cavity hydrolyzed into maltose and dextrins。After the stomach into the small intestine, glucose is broken down, and then absorbed by the intestinal mucosa。Starch gradually expands when heated to above 60 ℃, eventually becomes pasty, this process is called "gelatinization"。Humans digestive enzymes such relatively easily hydrolyzed gelatinized starch molecules。After cooling the gelatinized starch and would have a "aging" phenomenon。Molecular structure of the starch molecule aging if reheated, even if the temperature is high, it is impossible to restore the gelatinization。
The human body are greatly reduced for this retrograded starch hydrolysis and digestion。So, long-term consumption of such reheating leftovers, prone to indigestion and even lead to stomach。