Common manifestations of depression symptoms to be alert

A mood depression persistent depressed mood, depression, dysthymia is one of the typical symptoms of depression。
The occurrence of depression of the depressed state of this type is primary, endogenous, ie no external factors under。
Patients presenting special Wailers face, two eyebrows closed, grimacing, eyes staring blankly, secretly tears are common clinical manifestations。
Second, anxiety and agitation often accompanied by anxiety and depression appear, depression with anxiety symptoms about 70%。
Common anxiety symptoms are restless and uneasy, inexplicable panic occurs, worry and irritability, tension is a disease of reason, a state of terror, but also appears irritability, irritability。
This prominent anxiety symptoms of depression known as "agitated depression", common in menopausal patients with depression。
Third, the decline in brain function usually presents difficulty thinking, decreased mental efficiency。After scientific and technical personnel has always been quick thinking or white-collar workers suffering from depression, it is difficult for daily work, not to mention creative。
Usually learn best students performed significantly decreased, many patients say that when it comes to their own subjective experience: "The whole mind is like a bucket of paste。
"Four common manifestations of depression, mood depression, negative thinking can lead to negative thinking, pessimism and self-blame, low self-esteem, like tinted eyes to see the world, to feel anything difficult, despair about the future。
Patients take yourself for nothing, for too insignificant mistakes and shortcomings exaggerating, feel sorry for others, their families and society, consider themselves the greatest of sinners, a "heinous" bad guy。
Some patients also feel alive meaningless, life in this world suffer in vain, only to die in order to escape the misery freed。This suicidal ideation were strong if not timely medical treatment or care, the success rate is very high suicide。For more information, please visit Health 6681 health network!。