Ukraine two members on the program altercation occurred outside the studio fight

  International Online Zhuangao: According to television reports 112, 22, two Ukrainian Supreme Dara members fight over 112 TV Tower。
Both hands just before the station took part in a TV show。
  Reported that the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Vladimir Members·Euclid and Alexander Balas·Villecourt in 112 live television program to participate in a stall in the evening, the two verbal conflict occurred many times in the program 22。 At the end of the program, Balas Euclid in the corridor to attack Villecourt, which then counterattack。 Staff tried to stop Balas Euclid, but the two eventually scuffle。
  They separated after a tussle security。 With 后巴拉斯尤克 to the parking lot, trying to sabotage the car Villecourt。 He first opened the door, and forced to kick on。
Later, with the key lettering on the hood。
  Finally, the arrival of the police to end this farce。